Bjain Books Special offer this winter season- Get upto 22% off these four titles

Bjain Books Special offer this winter season- Get upto 22% off these four titles

‘Unbolt yourself, as books are keys that open many doors’
A good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease and this requires widening of self horizon and experimentation. A need is there to touch those themes which one is reluctant to.


Clinical Observations Of Children'S Remedies

The author has covered the wide range of topics in respiratory system that comes across in day-to-day practice.Special emphasis is given on the clinical observa­tion and the combination of the symptoms that oc­cur in every remedy.This book is purely written from the clinical expe­rience that was gathered by the author in last 32 years of his practice in India and abroad….

Physiological Materia Medica

The design of this work is to place in the hands of the student of Materia Medics a text-book so arranged that he can readily find what a drug is, where it is obtained, how it is prepared for medicinal use, how it acts upon the human organ, which tissues it especially acts upon, how it affects them, how much of the drug it takes to produce certain results, and what are its characteristic for in- depth knowledge of Materia Medica….

Perceiving Rubrics Of Mind

Dr. Farokh Master, in his book ‘Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind’ has described each rubric of the mind in detail – giving the exact meaning of the rubric. Under each rubric, he has also explained the possible disease conditions it may be found in along with the remedies for that particular rubric. Under each rubric, he has also mentioned cross-references so that we can accurately narrow down the symptom…..

Clinical Therapeutics Of Acute Respiratory Diseases

A must have Homeopathic Paediatric book. Carry as a bedside companion and see the magic!
The book Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies is the outcome of 23 years of experience of Dr Farokh J. Master. The symptoms in this book are not like a standard materia medica based on proving but they are based purely on experience and clinical observation of the author. 76 remedies are discussed in detail in this book.

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