Miasma The Road Less Travelled – Dr Harsh Nigam

Miasma The Road Less Travelled

“by Dr Harsh Nigam”

About Book:

Dr. Harsh Nigam’s object is to expose why knowledge of miasm is essential and how to know the basic background of all chronic diseases and thereby give the incurable disease a perfect “TRUE CURE”.

A good Homeopathic physician is an asclepiad who knows he is an instrument and that his duty is to keep his patient free from miasmatic affections which hinder the enjoyment of individuality and that his sacred mission is to preserve health.

The miasm represent everything that has been super imposed on the essential being of an individual whether from environment or acquired by error, they also represent a false personality that is a personality which does not correspond faithfully to his intimate essential nature.

Deformation of the natural symptoms or symptom patterns are causes by suppressive therapeutics and sometime due to enantiopathic, allopathic or pseudo homeopathic therapies which stimulate miasmatic episodes, hence it is essential to know the miasmas.

The homeopathic remedy, that is the true similimum prescribed one after another through time will liberate this essential nature of man and reintegrate it back to harmony thus it stimulates and impels the individual towards true cure.

The  student of homeopathy will get the pleasure of true cure of chronic diseases, by the help of this work which is timely, crisp and clear in content keeping the true dynamic thought of concept of miasma alive and co-relating it beautifully with modern concepts specially immunity.

Plan of study of the book- The book has 7 sections

For the beginner in Homoeopathy it is suggested to read section I and section II thoroughly. Section III would simulate modern medical student and would give some modern explanation to the concept of miasma.

For under graduates: After reading section I, II, III, thereafter read section V followed by section VII.

Secondly for the postgraduate student: grasp whole of section IV and section V then study section VII. In your OPD’s apply section VI on cases and analyse the results.

Lastly to the reader who is adept in homoeopathy: I shall implore to study and ponder upon section IV the potential study of miasma section VI miasmatic case management because it shall give them ideas and tips from past masters on how to tackle Chronic disease. To the adept I would also urge to study the entire Materia Medica of five nosode especially Carcinosin. This Materia Medica of nosodes would be of high degree of practical use in their clinical work.

It is hoped that all students of homeopathy pay attention to this work and absorb it and apply it for bringing finer results with this gentle science of healing.

The book answers the following burning questions:
 -Why should you know miasma?
 -What is Miasma- as per Hahnemann
-What is Miasma- by other stalwarts- Kent, Allen, Roberts, Julian and others
 -Immunity and Miasma link
 -Miasma role in etiology and pathology of disease
 -Miasma in management and prognosis of cases


About Author:

Dr. Harsh after finishing MBBS from B.R.D. Medical College, Gorakhpur, completed his M.D. in Human Physiology from M.L.B Medical College, Jhansi.  Dr. Harsh completed MF (Homeopathy.), from the Faculty of Homoeopathy the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. U.K.

His ambition also is to educate young Homoeopaths and this has culminated in writing several books on Homoeopathy. He is an Ex-member of the Special Committee of clinical research at the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi. He is currently spearheading the multi-specialty Outdoor Homoeopathic Centre of excellence in Medical Homeopathy at Kanpur.

He aims to establish Homoeopathy on its scientific merit and make it integrated with orthodox medicine in such a way that the Scope and Limitation of Homoeopathy are well defined.

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