Mental and Physical Soundness Especially in Disease Prophylaxis

Mental and Physical Soundness Especially in Disease Prophylaxis

Conventional To Rational In Search Of Answer to Prevent Diseases: Homoeoprophylaxis


BACKGROUND:  The main aim of this article is to understand how Homoeopathic system of medicine can be a good prophylaxis in defeating many types of diseases holistically. Homoeopathy has a definite role in preventing diseases both acute and chronic diseases as well as any types of infections as it more affecting in treating such illness. A systematically constructed Homoeoprophylaxis program will be able to deliver high level of protection against targeted infectious diseases.

KEYWORDS: Homoeopathy, Prophylaxis, Individuality, Chronic Disease, Vaccination.


The word Prophylaxix its Origin was In mid of 19th century, Modern Latin: Pro ‘Before’ & Greek: Phulaxis ‘Act of Guarding’. It can be defined as a measure taken to maintain health and prevent the spread of disease.

There are two types Primary prophylaxis -To prevent the development of a disease. Secondary prophylaxis -The disease has already developed and the patient is protected against worsening of this process.

When it comes for modern medicine Vaccination, Immunization through the administrations of vaccines has its own benefits and hazards. There are many problems which arise because of administration of vaccines but when it comes for Homoeopathy, we can confidently say that Long experience with homeopathic remedies in preventative use some devastating medicines has confirmed that the safe alternative is HOMOEOPROPHYLAXIS

Nosodes are particularly used during Homoeoprophylaxis,In this method, specific diseases nosodes are used in the prevention of corresponding diseases.

E.g. Morbillinum – Measles

        Variolinum – Small Pox

        Influenzium– Influenza

        Diphtherium – Diphtheria, etc.

Their use in prophylaxis may be strictly considered more isopathic than homoeopathic, but huge success rate is seen and it is most popular method from Boenninghausen to H.C. Allen, Clarke, Kent and Modern Homoeopaths.

To excite a great intrest in subject of so much importance to humanity as this is, in order clearly ascertain the truth and most reliable method to remove the suffering of humanity providing gracious method of living by bringing the observations of literatures provided by stalwarts.

When we are talking about treating a patient with a particular disease it is very important to prevent that disease too especially in a pandemic that we facing right now where millions of worldwide are affected and a large number of fatalities.

When we are very concerned about preventing a disease then it is very important to reflect ourselves about our own prophylactic measures that are successful in past years from Hahnemann’s time like Belladona in scarlatina; Camphora, Veratrum alb & Cuprum met in cholera; Variolinum & Thuja in small pox; Diphtherinum in diphtheria & also Lathyrus sativus is provided as preventive for polio.

Even after this if we think homoeopathic literature is writtern 250 years back which cannot be correlated with modern sciences, diseases or so called sophisticated procedures then it is important to know about prophylaxis in 20th century. Eup per in dengue fever; Bell, Calc carb & Tuberculinum in Japanese encephalitis & so on.

What happens if prophylactic measures are completely in physician’s hand, does there will be any complications? Obviously, No.

How can we use homoeopathic prophylaxis in both preventive &curative purposes?

It is health of individual that should be considered along with patient satisfaction.

When a violent epidemic is raging, we all know that even in a large number of people a few are unaffected. Does anyone questioned ourselves?

If these people are not affected there might be two possibilities either they might be strong by following proper diet of regimen with physical activity or they possess a dissimiliar chronic disease within them so that other diseases wont affect them. They are not susceptible to epidemic diseases because they have a sickness that is impossible for the epidemic to suppress. This epidemic can be conventional medication or a dissimiliar disease.

What if the epidemic is more virulent?

The more virulent the epidemic then it will affect even with that dissimiliar disease.

With this  I hope readers will understand author’s view, as how people are affected even after administration of our conventional medicines, as disease is becoming more virulent.

In this case we require a similar disease than producing a dissimiliar disease.

JH Allen mentioned in one of his writings that Doctrine of microorganisms which threatened Hahnemann’s concept of disease – which is a disturbance of vital force. This theory of microorganism which is formed by an empty hypothesis, according to which, when the disease causing microorganism is removed, Does it mean that disease is removed?

If yes, do they judge the potentiality of the cell?

Human is not just a group of cells affected with a disease like a culture in lab for performing sophisticated procedures. There is something beyond that which fills the emptiness of an individual (Now comes the concept of individualization) like Susceptibility, Predisposition to a disease, Miasm, Physical stability, Mental stability, Diet & regimen which helps us to see a person as a whole & we select a similimum according to the symptoms which are similar.

Even after this concept of symptom similarity if we don’t believe that therapeutic method is scientific, let us rewind the knowledge provided by our starlwart Carrol Dunham “He mentions it should be a capable of infinite progress without disturbing the integrity as a whole” Does this statement is satisfied in case of prophylactic approaches in conventional methods, as the approaches itself makes the individual diseased so as a large population of people left unaffected. So this arises a thought of what if prophylactic measures are completely on physicians hand by regulating the dose, potency, repetition, duration & action of the drug it makes us easy to understand the course & immediate management. He also mentions that therapeutic method should be able to predict the future event in its own domain so homoeopathic prophylactic medicines can be provided as both preventive & curative.


This helps in attaining the most suitable preventive in a short ,quick and most reliable manner – here the remedy obtained is capable of maintain health uninfectable by the disease miasm . it also helps in removing the disease from its roots during its invasion with few minor symptoms .this has the power to remove the after affects of the disease which means it justify that it can be used for preventive, curative and also as an post disease state.

When ur pretty sure about your remedy never use a new powerful doubtful and dissimilar agent which may cause suppression of the disease.

Conclusion :

Dr.Isaac Golden defined Homoeoprophylaxis as: The systematic use of homoeopathically potentized substance to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of  the (infectious) disease. Homoeopathic vaccinations can be administration of a series of remedies mainly nosodes so that we can protect many childhood infectious and chronic diseases basically It is highly controversial, and apparently contradictory to the principles of homoeopathy, but can be a substitute to the allopathic vaccinations. But it should be noted that, it is rarely used when a specific epidemic is imminent or is spreading in the community .Its aim is to provide long term immunity to a variety of infectious diseases.


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Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine (Gold Medalist), Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

Dr Grandhi Veera Venkata Chaitanyaa Kumar, Intern batch 2021, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

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