Management of Stress in Students during Examination with Homeopathy

Management of Stress in Students during Examination with Homeopathy

Stress is generally not considered a mental health problem. While it is related to our mental health in some ways, stress can lead to mental problems. And it can make the current problem even worse. For example, suffering from high levels of stress can lead to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Psychiatric symptoms of stress include marked agitation, frustration, outbursts of tantrums, and overwhelmed feelings as if you are out of control or need to be controlled; Physical symptoms of stress include lack of energy, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, pain, and muscle pain. stiffness, chest pain, rapid heart rate, insomnia, frequent colds, and infections.

Anxiety and tremors, ringing in the ears, cold and sweaty hands and feet, dry mouth, and difficulty swallowing clenched jaws and teeth. Symptoms of psychological stress include persistent worry, spinning thoughts, forgetfulness and inefficiency, difficulty concentrating, poor judgment, negative behavior, or negative vision. will Behavioural symptoms of stress include: Appetite changes – not eating or overeating, delaying or avoiding daily tasks, possibly starting to use alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, nail-biting, and fidgeting. more nervous behavior such as How Stress Affects Exams Affects Adolescents: Today’s adolescents are at a crossroads. Entering college, students face new challenges and stresses. Such hours can adversely affect a student’s sleep. Stress and physical discomfort increased during the study period. A significant proportion of college students report poor sleep due to academic stress during the semester, which not only affects sleep problems but also academic performance and health.

A study was conducted on Japanese university students to investigate the association between premenstrual symptoms, menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, and psychosocial stress. This result suggests that psychosocial stress is independently associated with premenstrual symptoms and irregular menstrual cycles in college students, suggesting that stress-induced changes in women’s functional ability are associated with changes in menstrual function. suggests that it is related Stress is a major challenge for medical students, especially first-year medical students, due to a lack of study strategies, sleepless nights before exams, and unhealthy eating during exams. Most medical students receive psychiatric treatment, but this is the tip of the iceberg: students who do not seek psychiatric treatment despite behavioral problems, interpersonal troubles, and poor grades there are many more. Psychiatrists attribute this disturbing trend to the stress created by the competitive education system.

Homeopathy is a complementary and alternative medicine, and Homeopathic Medicine (HR) is widely used around the world, especially for the treatment of mental health problems. The aim is to assess how well HR professionals treat mental illness. The use of homeopathy quickly becomes an ideological conflict. Stress from academic exams is known to affect sleep.

To ensure a smooth exam preparation, stock up on the following treatments:

Aconite Refers to acute anxiety, restlessness, and restlessness before an event such as an exam or presentation. Argentinian knits also benefit the “nerves” caused by anxiety at upcoming events, especially when performing in front of an audience.Anxious,nervous, agitated, talkative, impulsive, sweet cravings. Also, considerGelsemium if you tend to switch off and withdraw, and Lycopodium if you feel overwhelmed and unsure of your abilities.

Arsenicumalb suffers from a restless feeling of anxiety, anxiety, and fear. Suitable for high achievers who tend to be overly picky and demanding. Their sleep is affected and they tend to wake up between 12 am and 2 am with an upset stomach or anxiety.

Calc Phos is great for kids who are bored and complaining all the time. You cannot calmly wander from one thing to another. Headache with fatigue, abdominal pain, and leg cramps during rapid growth. Cravings for salty foods such as French fries and bacon.

Gelsemium is an excellent treatment for anticipatory anxiety. When people expect even simple things with fear and horror. They become tired, apathetic, withdrawn, and unable to think. Drowsy headaches, heavy, droopy eyes, and painless diarrhea are common and can cause restless sleep.

kali. phos act as a micronutrient in cases of mental and physical distress due to excitement, overwork, or worry. Headache, weakness, and malaise in exhausted students. A buzzing, buzzing sound in the ear. Weak eyesight. This is a great nerve tonic that can be used regularly during stressful times such as exams and public performances. Add other remedial actions as indicated.

Lycopodium lacks courage and confidence. Fear of upcoming exams and fear of failure is great, they are generally irritable, and often sarcastic and bossy at home. Headaches from hypoglycemia from not eating, digestive problems including “butterflies” in the stomach, diarrhea and very loose stools, and lots of gas.

Murtends to be tired, desperate, and pessimistic. A throbbing headache is preceded by blurring of vision or zigzag light, especially in those who tend to ruminate or “cook” things.

Nux Vomica is generally tense and anxious and tends to be hostile and picky. Sensitive to sound, light, and smell. Lack of sleep due to indigestion after overeating, drinking too much coffee, overworking, etc., wakes up all the time from 3 am to 5 am, then wakes up grumpy and irritable. It may be accompanied by a cough.

Ruta grav reduces eye strain from long hours of reading or computer work. You may feel tension and fatigue around your eyes.

Silica works for concentration and memory problems in his teenager who lacks physical and mental stamina, fears failure, and is overwhelmed with too much work. Hard-working and attention to detail.

Sulphur talks, moans, snores, and crawls out of bed with hot feet during restless sleep. They are lazy and absent-minded, dislike studying while music is playing, and tend to stand in line and drink and ruin things around them.

Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances: Arsenicumalb, Bryonia, Coffea, Ignatia, Nux vomica, Sulphur
Fear and Anticipatory Anxiety: Aconite, Argent nit, Arsenicumalb, Gelsemium, Lycopodium
Mental exhaustion: Calc phos, Cocculus, Gelsemium, Kali phos, Nux vomica, Silica
Headaches: Calc phos, Euphrasia, Kali phos, Nat mur, Nux vomica
Emotional ups & downs: Ignatia, Pulsatilla.

Constitutional homeopathic prescribing, also called classical prescribing, is a holistic system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 200 years.  Constitution is defined as the physical and mental makeup of a person which is expressed through his physical build, characteristics, desire, aversion, and reaction including emotional and intellectual attributes. Constitutional homeopathic remedies or remedies are those selected based on a    complete study of the patient’s physical and mental constitution. Such medicine must be deep-acting medicine and must have the power to address the disease at a fundamental level.

Almost every student suffers stress to some degree before or during their exams. A carefully chosen homeopathic remedy matched to the individual may help with the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms of stress by triggering the body’s ability to self-heal.

Kali Phos

Acts as a nerve nutrient for mental and physical despair from excitement, overwork, or worry. Headache, weakness, and exhaustion in students worn out by fatigue.

Argentum nitricum 

Ideal for impulsive people who behave irritably and then regret it. They often hurry because they are worried about being late or missing deadlines.


This remedy acts well for students who lack self-confidence. They may also have a fear of failure. An excellent remedy for the type of person who is very industrious and tends to over-prepare. However, they will try to cover it up and may even appear over-confident. The symptoms are usually worse between 4 pm and 8 pm and worse for missing a meal.

Silica for difficulty concentrating and poor memory in teens who lack physical and mental stamina, they fear failure and being overwhelmed by too much work. Diligent and detail-oriented.

Picric acid

Picric acid (Pic ac) is a useful remedy in cases where physical symptoms are brought on from overstudy, especially headaches, which typically start at the back of the head.  The prolonged study can cause mental strain, with an inability to concentrate or collect their thoughts.

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