LMHI Global Colloquium 2021 - An Honour to Knowledge

LMHI Global Colloquium 2021 – An Honour to Knowledge

LMHI 2021‘Unity not uniformity must be our aim. we attain unity only through variety. Differences must be integrated , not annihilated, not absorbed’ With this motto in hearts, LMHI 2021 proceeded through. It was not just a scientific convention but a celebration of knowledge. The high level 3 day event saw the participation of 4445 delegates from 63 countries. Round the clock deliberations with 483 speakers including 85 well known keynote speakers, 72 successive sessions of scientific discussions, 6 panel discussions on themes such as as Epidemic & Pandemic, experiences of acute & long Covid, on improving education practice & research, homeopathy within complementary and integrative medicine, implication of big- data revolution & innovation in pharmaceutical, use of biologicals in Homeopathy and many others.
LMHI Global colloquium 2021 focussed on latest research, clinical experiences, advanced data analytics & improvement of clinical tools.

To experience the global extravaganza of colloquium 2021 through recording for free of cost, register at – https://reg.lmhiglobal.org/index.php/recordings-of-the-entire-scientific-session/
An E- participation certificate will be issued on registration for the recording.

Truly an opportunity to learn, relearn and spread the knowledge.

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