List of best Acute Homeopathic Remedies and their uses in human life

You need to know about homeopathic remedies and their uses in human life

You need to know about homeopathic remedies and their uses in human life

Aconite: shock,illness especially colds and flu,cough,ear acne,sore throat ,stress,tooth ache

Apis. mell: stings,cystitis,urethritis,hay fever and similar allergic reactions ,urticaria ,arthritis,conjunctivitis.

Arnica: shock ,injury, bruising, sprains, boils, cramp,muscle pain ,burns,stings eye pain ,dental pain fatigue,arthritis,gout,eczema.

Arsenicum albumcatarrha,hay fever ,diarrhoea ,food poisoning,vomiting ,nausea,fatigue,indigestion,mouth ulcers,urticaria,psoriasis,shingles ,insomnia,.

Bellodonna: colds sore throat ,coughs ear ache ,head ache, migraine,fever,acne,boils,period pains,sunburn.

Bryonia: constipation ,nausea ,arthritis,sore throat ,sprains joint pain painful breasts.

Cantharis: cystitis,non specific urethritis,burns scalds stings mouth ulcers sunburn burning diarrhoea.

Chamomilla: post dental/surgical pain teething insomnia.

Euphrasiacolds and flu head ache migraine aching joints sore throat hay fever fatigue.

Hypericum: crush injuries cuts and grazes nerve pain indigestion nausea diarrhoea depression.

Ignatia:  sharp head ache migraine depression shock cough.

Natrum mur: grief depression colds and flu catarrha cold sores eczema hay fever head ache migraine premenstrual syndrome painful periods urticaria.

Nux vomicaconstipation stomach ache colitis hangover head ache indigestion sore throat nausea travel sickness vomiting depression cystitis insomnia .

Pulsatillasinusitis colds and flu coughs ear acne head ache depression cystitis indigestion stomach ache painful periods premenstrual syndrome arthritis conjunctivitis .

Rhus toxblisters eczema urticaria arthritis sprains muscle pain cramp herpes pain(shingles cold sores)sore throat .

Ruta gravsprains and strains sports injuries muscle pain sciatica head ache eye pain

Silicainfected skin constipation head ache migraine fractures.

Sulphur: infected spots indigestion constipation diarrhoea eczema head ache catarrha conjunctivitis joint and muscle oain cramp low back pain.

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