Let’s Hope This World Health Day That People Become Healthy Soon!

Let’s Hope This World Health Day That People Become Healthy Soon!


“Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of year.” -Franklin P. Adams

World Health Day, a global health awareness day, is celebrated every year on 7th April. The date of 7 April marks the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948. It aims to draw attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

WHO estimates that more than 13 million deaths around the world each year are due to avoidable environmental causes. This includes the climate crisis which is the single biggest health threat facing humanity. The climate crisis is also a health crisis. In the midst of a pandemic, a polluted planet, increasing diseases like cancer, asthma, heart disease, on World Health Day 2022, WHO will focus global attention on urgent actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy and foster a movement to create societies focused on well-being. Through the “Our planet, our health” campaign of 2022, WHO will urge governments and the public to share stories of steps they are taking to protect the planet and their health and prioritize well-being societies. This theme should be a powerful reminder to us that the resolution of many of these issues are beyond the exclusive purview of the health sector and, as a consequence, an effective response will demand whole- of- government and whole- of- society approaches. 

Themes of World Health Days

  • 1991: Should Disaster Strike, be prepared
  • 1992: Heart beat: A rhythm of Health
  • 1993: Handle life with care: Prevent violence and Negligence
  • 1994: Oral Health for a Healthy Life
  • 1995: Global Polio Eradication
  • 1996: Healthy Cities for better life
  • 1997: Emerging infectious diseases
  • 1998: Safe motherhood
  • 1999: Active aging makes the difference
  • 2000: Safe Blood starts with me
  • 2001: Mental Health: stop exclusion, dare to care
  • 2002: Move for health
  • 2003: Shape the future of life: healthy environments for children
  • 2004: Road safety
  • 2005: Make every mother and child count
  • 2006: Working together for health
  • 2007: International health security
  • 2008: Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change
  • 2009: Save lives, Make hospitals safe in emergencies
  • 2010: Urbanization and health: make cities healthier
  • 2011: Antimicrobial resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow
  • 2012: Good health adds life to years
  • 2013: Healthy heart beat, Healthy blood pressure
  • 2014: Vector-borne diseases: small bite, big threat
  • 2015: Food safety
  • 2016: Halt the rise: beat diabetes
  • 2017: Depression: Let’s talk
  • 2018: Universal Health Coverage: : everyone, everywhere
  • 2019: Universal Health Coverage: : everyone, everywhere
  • 2020: Support Nurses and Midwives
  • 2021: Building a Fairer and Healthier World for Everyone
  • 2022: Our planet, our health

Team Homeopathy 360 salutes all our Front-line health workers including doctors & nurses who are exposing themselves to the risk of catching numerous diseases. Let’s celebrate together the work of nurses and midwives as well and remind world leaders of the critical role they play in keeping the world healthy.

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