Learn Palliation in Homeopathy and Vital Principle Seat for Disease Homeopathic Perspective

Recording Of “Mainstreaming Homoeopathy” International Webinar On Advancement In Homoeopathy On The Death Anniversary Of Dr Mahendra Singh

*Mainstreaming Homeopathy* International Webinar On Advancement In Homeopathy On The Occasion Of Death Anniversary Of Dr Mahendra Singh Organized By Homeopathic Science Congress Society, Dr. Mahendra Singh Memorial Trust In Collaboration With Homeopathy 360 

Date: 15th October 2020 to 17th October 2020
Time: 12 pm on wards To 3 pm.

Date: 15th October 2020

Inauguration By Chairperson: Dr Ramjee Singh
Co-Chairperson: Dr Subhas Singh
Annual Award Ceremony By The Dr. Mahendra Singh Memorial Trust    
Moderator: Dr Sanjiv Kr Singh

Dr S. Praveen Kumar, Hyderabad
Topic: Palliation In Homoeopathy
Dr Yashika Arora, Delhi
Topic: Vital Principle Seat For Disease Homoeopathic Perspective 

Date: 16th October 2020
Chairperson: Dr S. Manilal, Hyderabad
Co-Chairperson: Dr Poorav Desai
Moderator:Dr Amit Sahani    
Dr Shaji V, Kudiyat, Phillipines 
Topic:  DYNAMIC SCIENCE: Scientific Infrastructure for Homeopath 
Dr Tarkeshwar Jain, Jaipur
Topic: Utility of Hering Guiding Symptoms in Practice with special emphasis on lesser known remedies.
Dr Ambika Prasad Gyawali, Nepal
Topic: Enlightenment On Kolkata Methods Of Prescription  

Date: 17th October 2020
Chairperson: Dr Bharat Kumar
Co-Chairperson: Dr Deva Jyoti Bhattacharyya, Gawuhati
Moderator:Dr Megha Lawyer 
Dr Faisal Mohammed Hanif Girach, University of Cyberjaya, Malaysia 
Dr Maneesha Solanki, Pune
Topic: Integrating Homoeopathy In Effective Management Of Communicable Diseases, Not By Chance But By Choice: Case Reports
Dr Samit Dey, Kolkata
Topic: An Insight Into The Life And Contribution Of Dr Mahendra Singh

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