Kents View On Epidemic Diseases: How Few Of Individuals Escape Epidemic Diseases?

Kents View On Epidemic Diseases: How Few Of Individuals Escape Epidemic Diseases?


As we all are aware that how an epidemic disease will turn into a pandemic as well as how devastating it is when a epidemic disease becomes a global pandemic, and we all have witnessed it and felt the effect of it as well. Regarding Epidemic diseases it is a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time. An epidemic is the rapid spread of disease to a large number of people in a given population within a short period of time

Epidemics of infectious disease are generally caused by several factors including a change in the ecology of the host population, a genetic change in the pathogen reservoir or the introduction of an emerging pathogen to a host population.

An epidemic may be restricted to one location; however, if it spreads to other countries or continents and affects a substantial number of people, it may be termed a pandemic.

But long years ago, Dr Kent has explained this as well as gave an idea to all that how few of them escape from such epidemic diseases. Here is an attempt to know what Kent has explained regarding the same.

How are you going to explain this?

  • The reason is that they have sickness that it is impossible for the epidemic to suppress.
  • The epidemic is dissimilar to their diseases, and cannot suppress their disease because of its virulence.

Illustration of dissimilar?

Now if they have some mild form of chronic disease, a severe attack of dysentery will cause that disease to disappear temporarily, and the new (epidemic) disease will take hold and run its course, and when it subsides the old symptoms will come back again and go on as if they had not been meddled with.

This is an illustration of dissimilar, and shows that dissimilar are unable to cure: they can only suppress.

Virulence of already suffering chronic diseases:

Why few sufferings with consumption, or in the last stage of Bright’s diseases or with diabetes escape epidemic attack while many others suffer?

It is because the epidemic is dissimilar to the diseases & the chronic diseases with which they are suffering from are more virulent than epidemic diseases.

Is it possible for the above parties to get any epidemic diseases?

Definitely yes, If the chronic diseases are of mild form & if the epidemic attack is a severe one. Relation between chronic dissimilar diseases provided the older one is weaker. New chronic condition being stronger completes its course, and leaves the patient to the previous state. Eg: – early stages of Bright’s diseases and syphilis.

For all homoeopaths:

  • This is only a beginning to set you thinking.
  • This subject leads into the study of protection as well.
  • There are two forms of protection from sickness.
  • Man is protected from sickness in two ways, by Homoeopathy and by correct use of it.

View about epidemics:

The physician and the nurse who go into the district of yellow fever or typhoid or diphtheria or smallpox, who keep busy, who have, in the highest sense of the word, the true love of the use, who have gone into the work as mediums of mercy, Will be largely protected. Just simply from their love of the work. People who dedicate themselves to their work & enjoy what they do as well as when they do it fearlessly, they will always be successful & protected from any kinds of danger.

No fear means no disease:

  • They have no fear.
  • Fear is an overwhelming cause of sickness;
  • Those who fall prey to fear are likely to become sick,
  • But those who, face disease with no fear is likely to remain well
  • They do sometimes fall sick, it is true, but I believe it is because they begin to have fear in the work. Thus, he says that other and greater prophylactic is the Homoeopathic remedy. This holds goo too all the epidemic as well as pandemic warriors who give service to the suffering humanity.

How to get indicated remedy:

After working in an epidemic for a few weeks, you will find perhaps that half-a-dozen remedies are daily indicated and one of these in a large number of cases than any other. This one remedy seems to be the best suited to the general nature of the sickness. This will be an answer how Arsenic album came to picture as one of effective medicine used worldwide during the present pandemic.

Indicated remedy:

Remedy will not have to be so similar to prevent disease as to cure it, and these remedies in daily use will enable you to prevent a large number of people from becoming sick. We must look to Homoeopathy for our protection as well as for our cure with Homoeopathicity in it.


Form this we come to know that, Man is protected from sickness in two ways, by Homoeopathy and by correct use of it. Never blame the system says Kent because if there is any failure in the treatment of the suffering humanity by Homoeopathy, its not because of Homoeopathic system of medicine but because of the Homoeopath who has not understood the system well.


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Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine (Gold Medalist), Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

Dr Shreya N Padiyar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Consultant Homoeopathic Physician

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