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“Taking Medicine Into The Space” International Webinar On Advancement In Homeopathy On The Occasion Of Death Anniversary Of Dr B. Sahni

*Taking Medicine Into The Space* International Webinar On Advancement In Homoeopathy On The Occasion Of Death Anniversary Of Dr B. Sahni Organized By Homoeopathic Science Congress Society, Sukul Institute Of Homoeopathic Research In Collaboration With Homeopathy 360

All Are Invited To Join The Journey Of Extending Homoeopathy To Achieve The Target Of Ultimate Medicine

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Date: 28th October 2020

Inaugural Speech by Chairperson: Dr Anil Khurana

Moderator: Dr M. K. Sahani


Dr L. M. Khan, India

Topic: Gems Of Organon Of Medicine    

Dr Brian Kaplan

Topic: Different ways of communicating with patients: Use of humour in anamnesis; Adapting to Zoom and electronic communication; What can we learn from the psychologists about talking to patients?

Dr Prakash Kuinkel, Nepal

Topic: Peeping Into Life Of Discoverer  Of Dr B. Sahni 

Date: 29th October 2020

Chairperson: Dr Cheramannan P

Co-Chairperson: Dr Jeetendra Kumar

Moderator: Dr Megha Lawyer


Marion-Kellner, Germany 

Topic: The Homeopathic Treatment Of Traumatized Women

Dr Anirban Sukul, PhD India  

Topic: Biological Effects of Ultra low doses   

Dr Sanjiv Kumar Singh

Topic: Contribution Of Dr B. Sahni    

Date: 30th October 2020

Chairperson: Dr Aijaz Aziz Sulemani

Moderator: Dr Sanjiv Kr Singh


Joel Abalos, President AHON Inc, Philippines 

Dr Bipin Jain, India

Topic: Phenomenological study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica   

Dr Amit

Topic: Discovery Of Dr B. Sahni    

Date: 31st October 2020

Chairperson: Dr Atul Singh

Moderator: Dr Sanjiv Kr Singh


Dr Anand Kumar 

Topic: Case Presentation 

Dr Krishnamurari 

Topic: Case Presentation

Dr Ravi Singh    

Topic:  Evidence Based Case

Dr Surendra Vikram Goswami

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