Importance and Full Form of Pqrs Symptoms in Homeopathy

Importance Of PQRS Symptoms- A Case Study

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FATHER MULLER HOMOEOPATHIC                                                                


Preliminary data:                                                           

NAME: Miss ABC                    

SEX: Female

AGE: 23yrs                          

RELIGION: Christianity


ADD:  Father Muller ladies hostel Mangalore          


Chief complaint:

Mouth Since 10 months             Ulcers in mouth Smarting type of pain +++  burning type of pain   occasionally bleeding   Pain of mouth leads to head pain( temple region) <eating++, talking++, before menses, left side  > after menses   < while brushing teeth    
Anal region since 6 months   itching   < during menses  

Family history:

Mother: HTN since 4-5 years

Grandparent: HTN and DM II (both maternal and paternal side)

Father: HTN and DM II since 2-3 years

Personal history:

Diet: mixed

Appetite: reduced during menses otherwise good

Craving: sweets

Thirst: Thirstless but since 2 months thirst increased

Bowel: regular no c/o

Urine: 3-4 times no c/o

Thermal: chilly (she cannot tolerate cold)

Sleep: sound sleep, position – sleeps on knee chest position

Menstrual history: Menarche: 12 years.

LMP: 18/8/2020 menses regular 5/28 days cycle, flow normal, no clots

Pain in lower abdomen during menses with nausea and vomiting

Pain in back, loss of appetite during menses, ulcer in mouth before menses and Itching in anus during menses.


Local examination:  6- 7 ulcers all over the oral mucosa more on left side , redness at the edge of ulcer with yellow slough in center of ulcer , tenderness +++

Vital examination:

 BP– 120/80           

Temperature- Afebrile

Pulse– 78/min      


Weight– 57kg

Systemic examination: GIT- NAD                      

                                          R/S- NVBS

Life space: Patient hails from middle class family. She has 2 sibling one sister and one brother she is the middle one. There is no stress in family but one month back her younger sister turned into nun because of which her mother is in stress and thats why she is in tension. Now she is missing her younger sister a lot. She very sensitive person she feels bad when people talk rudely to her. She generally does not react immediately because she don’t want to spoil relationship but later she will ask that person why he behave like that and she will share her problem with her friends whom she is close to.

Working of the case:  analysis of case according to Hahnemann

This case has characteristic and common symptoms.

Characteristic symptoms Common symptoms
Mouth ulcers come before every menses.Itching in anus during menses.Smarting type of pain+++ (because of intensity of pain)Patient has tendency toward left side.Craving for sweetThirst increasedSleep on knee chest position Sensitive personThermally chilly Mouth ulcer painful< eating, <talkingBleeding from ulcer < brushing of teethBurning type of pain in mouth

Totality of the case:

Totality is mainly consist of characteristic symptoms but in case where characteristic symptoms are not there we can make totality with common symptoms also, but in this there is ample of characteristic symptoms.

  • Ulcers in mouth aggravation before menses.
  • Itching in anal region aggravation before menses.
  • smarting type of pain+++
  • craving for sweet
  • sleep on knee chest position
  • Left sided affection.
  • Thirst increase
  • Mind sensitive

Thermal is used as eliminating symptoms so in totality it is not included.

Reportorial totality: synthesis repertory

  • Mind sensitive
  • Mouth – ulcers- bleeding- menses aggravation
  • Mouth- ulcer- painful-sore, smarting
  • Stomach thirst
  • Rectum – itching- menses during
  • Sleep- position- knees- chest position; knee
  • Generals-side-left
  • Generals-food and drinks-sweets


  1. Phos. 7/15
  2. Arg. Nit.5/14
  3. Lyc. 5/11
  4. Merc.5/11
  5. Nit. A. 5/11
  6. Ars.5/10
  7. Cina5/10
  8. Sil.5/10
  9. Sepia5/9
  10. Stram5/9

Prescription: 8/9/2020

 Phosphorus 1M one powder dose

No. 2 pills half dram for one week

Follow up: 9/9/2020 Pain in mouth reduced SAC LAC
Follow up: 10/9/2020 Patient was much better Pain was not there but still ulcer was there SAC LAC
Follow up: 12/9/2020 Patient got her menses LMP-12/9/2020 No ulcer present One dose of phosphorus 1m powder given after her menses got over
Follow up: 10/10/2020 No ulcer this time before menses SAC LAC
Follow up: 14/10/2020  Got menses LMP-14/10/2020 No ulcer this time before menses No pain during ovulatory period Pain in abdomen during  menses  reduced Apetite good SAC LAC
Follow up: 18/10/2020 Patient got 2-3 ulcers in mouth but this time intensity of pain was less and bleeding was there. Slight pain while eating and talking   Arsenic album 200 one powder dose given as complementary remedy to phosphorus.
Follow up: 20/10/2020   Ulcers reduced no pain , no bleeding SAC LAC  
Follow up: 21/10/2020 Patient is completely better SAC LAC

Conclusion: Because of our prejudiced mind we ignore characteristic symptoms of the case. In this case also she was given many times Borax and Merc. Sol. as a specific remedy for mouth ulcer but these specific remedies didn’t help her. If there is characteristic symptom we should always consider those symptoms in the totality.

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