Human Anatomy and Physiology Illustrated

Human Anatomy and Physiology Illustrated

Human Anatomy and Physiology Illustrated is a concise atlas depicting different parts, system and their functions in the human body. Through vivid and easily understandable illustrations, this book provides precise explanation of the entire human body and its functions.

The latest edition incorporates meticulously labelled illustrations, offering a valuable recourse for the students. Whether in lecture halls, classrooms, or dissection laboratories, this book proves indispensable for medical students seeking comprehensive knowledge. Additionally, practitioners can find it beneficial when elucidating concepts to patients, making it a valuable asset for anyone interested in comprehending the structure and operation of the human body. With these charts and illustrations, Human Anatomy and Physiology have been made incredibly easy, interesting and fun!

Distinguishing Features:

  • Beautiful and brightly coloured diagrams
  • Proper and clear labelling
  • Appropriate expiation with labelling

Title: Human Anatomy and Physiology Illustrated

Author:                B JAIN

ISBN:     9788131969304

Imprint: B Jain Large Print

Pages: 27

Format: Paperback

Language: English

B Jain Group of Companies’ foundation was laid in 1966 when Dr P.N. JAIN, who use to prepare the notes of Homeopathic Lecturers in his extra time, began to publish Copyright Homeopathic Books during nights at incredibly low prices, just to make a little extra money for his family. His day-night efforts, along with the support of his wife, Mrs. Bimla Jain, soon transformed into a new entrant with the name of “B Jain” leading to a revolution in the Homeopathic industry of India.With the support of the Esteemed Doctors of those days, B Jain started publishing more and more books, crossing the mark of 100 titles in the first decade itself.The Company, synonymous with Qualitative Homeopathy, started its journey as a Book Publisher with the vision of providing Books constituting the Homeopathic Literature at an affordable price so as to spread Homeopathy across the whole world.With the strong insight, the group developed into the Homeopathic industry and gradually diversified into other allied fields as well……

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