How to Use the Twelve Tissue Salts

How to Use the Twelve Tissue Salts

How to Use the Twelve Tissue Salts

Biochemic theory was given by Schussler in 1832. Since then a lot many books have been written on this topic but this book is special in itself which gives the reader detailed information of the biochemic remedies telling about the source, preparation, constitution and miasmatic background apart from the characteristic features of the drugs.

According to Dr. Schussler’s biochemic theory, the disease is nothing but the result of deficiency of inorganic salts in cells. Thus, the mantra for cure resides in supplying these deficient salts to the body so that it can replenish its activity. Based on this theory this book is written to cover everything in this regard to help treat the ailing masses. A splendid compilation of the therapeutics of the so called tissue remedies, it goes further with detailed information on commonly used synonyms, the chemical properties, mode of preparation and physiological essence of the drug substance along with posological recommendations. Also the symptomatology, besides relating to the regional affections, gives a thorough idea on the altered state of tissues so produced under the influence of the remedy. The construction of the book is such that it tells you about the biochemic theory in detail along with the description of common diseases and their treatment part. Some useful tips in the form of suggestion have been put at the end of each topic telling about the diet and other part of disease management.

  Highlights of the Book

Explanation of biochemic theory in detail.

 -Materia Medica of the Twelve Tissue Remedies with relationship.

-Detailed section on the therapeutic application.

-Functions of the Twelve Tissue Salts in the healthy human body and the potency and dose needed in pain and disease.

 – Explains the importance of balanced food in diet and details the foods which supply the mineral elements

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