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How Does Homeopathy Work in the Body

Homeopathy is not only energy medicine but is also holistic .homeopaths believed that the whole person should be treated. The mind the emotions and all the various organs are interconnected. It would be unwise to treat one part wit out considering the whole person.

Energy with in. the mechanics of this interconnection are extremely complex and almost impossible to understand in any detail. Luckily in homeopathy we don’t have to. We trust the process. Underlying the intricate physical and mental symptoms of the body is a refined and subtle system of energy which is self regulating and works efficiently almost all the time. We see it in action when we become ill. we feel unwell have unpleasant symptoms then we usually get better whether we take medicines or not , the body does its own healing although it may some times need support when its natural sources of healing .


The healing process can be compared to running a car; modern cars are to so efficient that, provided you may maintain them properly. Give them the right fuel and drive sensibly, problems seldom arise. Then one night, you may forget to turn the light off and the next morning the battery is flat and the car incapacitated. The only way to get the car moving again –the only cure-is to get a transfer of energy, in the form of jump start from the battery of another car. Then all will be well. Homeopathy is a bit like a getting a start! The energy sources are the remedies, used in accordance with the law of similar .

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