Homoeopathy The Ultra Modern Treatment For The Generation - Dr. Amrutha Manoharan

Homoeopathy The Ultra Modern Treatment For The Generation – Dr. Amrutha Manoharan

The homoeopathic healing system which was formed before 200 years by our master Samuel Hahnemann, it constitutes the holistic concept of healing. This system of treatment had given more importance to the human and humanity than any other systems.  From the time of our master Hahnemann homoeopathy has to undergo so many criticisms. From the time of master the homoeopathy treatment has great role in the treatment of various deadly diseases like, cholera, scarlet fever.

The system of homoeopathy has the mostultra modern concept of treatment, the concept of vital force, potentization, dynamization and the laws of homoeopathy which was formulated by our great genius master Hahnemann.

Unlike the other system of treatments, homoeopathy will not produce any side effects, and the minute dose as mentioned by anrdt Schultz, which   stimulate the vital force to fight against the disease.

The basic principle of homoeopathy forms the backbone of the system .The cardinal principle that forms the Skelton of the system, the law of similia, simplex and minimum dose. And the doctrine of vital force, drug proving, drug dynamization and chronic disease. These entire concepts which make our system so strengthened.

Our system had started its origin from Germany and now spreading across the world. In India homoeopathy system of treatment was brought by Dr.Honnenberger, he has treated maha raja ranjith singh.  Then the system become popular in in India as time has passed Kolkata became the cradle of homoeopathy civilization in India.  Dr.Baburajendralaldutta was considered as the father of homoeopathy in India. Latter government of India also recognized homoeopathy and given a separate wing as AYUSH.  The glory of homoeopathy is spreading across the country; it is evident from the recent development in the field of homoeopathy. Various research institutes were laid down by the government of India that leads to the scientific establishment of homoeopathy.

The nano technology and other modern techniques can successfully explain the scientificty of homoeopaty. The various laboratory techniques has been established which lead to the extraction of various compounds that can be useful for humans.

The source of homoeopathy medicine is a vast one we have medicines from plants, animals, nosodes, sarcodes, and even impoderbillia. The most advanced scientific system can be fulfilled with the homoeopathic treatment.

There are many diseases in the world, starting from the life style disease to the unknown disease that still to be named. As our homoeopathy offers a symptomatic treatment we have medicines for the disease with symptoms. Homeopathy has proven its efficiency in the field of various deadly diseases like, cancer. The treatment has lead to the cure of much life in the world, without any complication. Homoeopathy has also proven its value in the treatment of infertility by means of the various projects, like jannani thousands of children are born with our system.

The cost effectiveness of our system is another advantage as even the poorest of the country can afford the treatment with much effectiveness.

The concept of homoeopathy is so pure and trues it lead to effective cure of the patients .there should be various research activity, by which the scientifically of homoeopathy can be established.

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