Homoeopathic View on Auxiliary Measures

Homoeopathic View on Auxiliary Measures


The phrase “The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other” has a word origin and a history. Adjective “to expand”: Around 1600, (17th century), from Latin auxiliaries “helping,” from auxilium “assist, help, support,” linked to auctus, past tense of augere “to expand.” Measurement is the act of measuring something, whereas auxiliary refers to providing additional or supplemental support and help to the mainstream of care. Supplemental measures include things like a diet plan, exercise, counseling, cleanliness, hygiene, and medical attention. Auxiliary measures are used to both prevent and advance health. Health promotion is the practice of giving individuals more authority to take charge of and enhance their health. Instead of focusing on a particular illness, it makes use of a variety of tactics or interventions to improve the host. Reputable activities in this area include dietary and behavioral changes, environmental improvements, and health promotion.

“To prevent the remedy from being hampered or impossible to get, all of these things must be avoided or eliminated as much as possible. It is not commendable that some of my students appear to unnecessarily make the patients’ diets more difficult by forbidding the use of several more tolerably neutral foods. Hahnemann.

Homoeopathic treatments make it clear that anything from the food or daily routine that could have a medical effect must be removed over the course of the treatment. In the case of patients suffering from chronic diseases, rigorous inquiry into such impediments is even more vital in order to prevent the modest dose from being swamped and extinguished by any foreign medical irritant.


The Diet which contains medicinal properties can alter the dose of homoeopathic…. By controlling these we can avoid the maintaining cause of disease and disease can be controlled easily.


In cases of acute illnesses, patients’ needs and wants should be watched. You can drink the drug you want if it’s not medical, but you should stay away from it otherwise. The patient’s family or friends should be advised by the doctors to keep them free from any mental stress, strain, emotional difficulty, etc. 

CHRONIC DISEASES – “But should we find, during the use of the other medicines in chronic (psoric)diseases, that the best selected homoeopathic (antipsoric) medicine in the suitable(minutest) dose does not affect an improvement, this is a sure sign that THE CAUSE THAT KEEP US THE DISEASE STILL PERSIST,”, and that there is some circumstance in the mode of life of the patient or in the situation in which he is placed, that must be removed in order that a permanent cure may ensue” § 256

“Coffee, fine Chinese and other herb teas” Coffee can be a great obstacle to the cure. Hahnemann wrote that coffee was one of the greatest aggravators of the psora and the chronic miasms. Also it is known for its action as a universal antidote.

“Odorous waters and perfumes of many kinds, strong-scented flowers in the apartment, tooth powders and essences and perfumed sachets compounded of drugs”.

“Patients ought just as certainly to be kept away from crude medicinal vegetables for soups, dishes of herbs, roots and stalks of plants with medicinal qualities, asparagus with long green tips, hops, and all vegetables possessing medicinal properties, celery, onions, old cheese, and meats that are in a state of decomposition, or that possess medicinal properties (as the flesh and fat of port, ducks and geese, or veal that is too young and sour viands), More of a concern are raw onions and garlic than cooked ones in food. Psorics and sycotics struggle greatly with heavy meats and fats. There shouldn’t be too many of these things.

Sexual energy either brings health or destroys life. Sexual disorders distort the sexual instinct and try to create conditions that are self-sustaining and reproductive. Moderation in everything is the best advice when it comes to sex. Dr. Hahnemann emphasized that stimulating or suppressing sexual energy is not healthy. Excessive masturbation is also not good. “Objects of anger, sadness or anxiety, passion for play, overexertion of mind or body, especially after a meal. Emotional stress is the greatest aggravator of chronic disorders and degenerative diseases. When one’s emotional life is in turmoil, even the best methods have a hard time working. To achieve the best result, the client must take care of his emotional and mental well-being as the treatment progresses.

I find it yet necessary to allude here to animal magnetism, as it is termed, or rather Mesmerism (as it should be called in deference to Mesmer, its first founder) It acts in part by replacing in the sick whose vital force within the organism is deficient here and there, in part also in other parts where the vital force has accumulated too much and keeps up irritating nervous disorders it turns it aside, diminishes and distributes it equally and in general extinguishes the morbid condition of the life principle of the patient and substitutes in its place the normal of the mesmerist acting powerfully upon him, for instance, old ulcers, amaurosis, paralysis of single organs and so forth.

 § 290 SIXTH EDITION-MASSAGE –  The massage of vigorous good-natured person given to a chronic invalid, who, though cured, still suffers from loss of flesh, weakness of digestion and lack of sleep due to slow convalescence. The mesmeric influence of this procedure is the chief feature and it must not be used to excess in patients still hypersensitive.

Baths of pure water prove themselves “partly palliative, partly as homoeopathic serviceable aids in restoring health in acute diseases as well as in convalescence of cured chronic patients with proper consideration of the conditions of the convalescent and the temperature of the bath, its duration and repetition.

§ 292 -“RUBBING  IN”  Rubbing  favors the action of the medicines only in this way, that the friction makes the skin more sensitive, and the living fibers thereby more capable of feeling, as it were, the medicinal power and of communicating to the whole organism this health-affecting sensation.


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