Homoeopathic Representation of Precious Metal Platinum Metallicum

Homoeopathic Representation of Precious Metal Platinum Metallicum – A Case Study

Introduction:  As we all know that it is a primary headache disorder characterized by recurrent attacks of headaches that are varying from moderate to severe.1 Along with headache there may be symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound, or smell.2 The main aggravating factors is by physical activity,3although regular exercise may help to overcome. Up to one-third of people affected have aura which is a short period of visual disturbance that signals that the headache will soon occur. Occasionally, aura can occur with little or no headache following, but not everyone has this symptom.4

 But here the main aim of this article is not to diagnose the individual as we all know our master has told that treat the person not the disease, treat the person as a whole not the disease which he is suffering from as disease is not the actual cause for his suffering its basically the disturbed vital force which has to be treated dynamically with the dynamic medicines.

To go ahead with the Homoeopathic approach every physician should be very clear regarding the explanation given by our Master in third aphorism of Organon of Medicine which states that knowledge of the physician5 should be well versed and he should be able to clearly understand the core of the case and thus refine it further and find the true similimum, as our master has rightly told that cure is possible only when a true similimum is administered.

Let us now know about the remedy which treated miraculously in this particular case study. These are the people who love beautiful things and make beautiful things its nothing but Platinum Metallicum.

These individuals always dress with style with a perseverance and tenacity to finish projects, loquacious once they feel comfortable.6 They drive themselves crazy with persistent thoughts, a trait that also makes platinum people susceptible to chronic insomnia. Most of their worries shared only with intimate people. Express their anxiety through relentless complaining and worry or it can manifest with physical symptoms, they live with creativity which is a defining characteristic7.

 They like people and they like to socialize. The major key point is we cannot approach her, as she is proud, haughty and faultfinding this egotism that makes her so undesirable a companion and basically her arrogance is marked in every feature of her countenance as well as their sexual excess & excitement which defines them as they are not satisfied mentally and physically. The Platina female has voluptuous sensation similar to coitus, with anxiety and palpitations, this and the increased sexual desire may be the genesis of nymphomania. But it is interesting that this genital hypersensitivity to touch is also the origin of the painful coition without enjoyment, and therefore aversion to sex. The sexual desire increases when she is lying, and in virgins with obsession of being married. The superiority feeling is also present in the sexuality, with excessive and premature desire. The characteristics of his sexual desire are violence and insatiability. Enjoyment is absent, he can’t find satisfaction in the other because he is not at his level. This is expressed in women with vaginism and vaginal insensibility during coition and with precocity in ejaculation in men.8

As Kent says, “Platinum proving’s represent the woman’s mind perverted.” And he says that “the remedy is especially suited to hysterical women who have undergone fright, prolonged excitement; or for the after-effects of disappointment, shock, or prolonged hemorrhages.” Platinum therefore not only inflicts, but cures mental traumatism9.

Case study:

A 37-year woman came with complaints of headache and heaviness in the frontal and right parietal region for 7-8 months. Symptoms aggravated with stress, sound and stooping, ameliorated with hard pressure and sleep.

Physical generals

Appetite: good

Thirst: good (1L/day)

Bowels: Regular

Stools: Hard (Occasionally)

Bladder habit: 5-6times/day

Perspiration: More on face; offensive+

Cravings: Salty food2+, Pork2+, chicken2+

Aversion: Milk2+

Intolerance: Banana

Menstrual History


Length of cycle: 28

Duration of cycle: 3days

Colour: Black (clots)+

Leucorrhea: White; Itching+

                       <after menses

Obstetric History


Life Space Investigation

Patient belongs to low socio-economic family. She studied till 10th standard. Then she started working as a maid in an old age home. She was sexually active since age of 15years, got first pregnancy at the age of 16 and opted for induced abortion as she was young. She continued to work in old age home for 8 years. During this time, she was feeling frustrated with the surrounding and her only intention was to get married as soon as possible as she was unable to control her sexual desires, she says that she was getting aroused every now and then whenever by mistakenly her dress touches her private parts or whenever she sees any male working around her. At the age of 25, she had an arranged marriage. Her husband is a contractor and she was happy with him initially but he was not able to satisfy her sexual desires. But she suppressed it as he was a good person and did not tell him about the same. She had a daughter one year after marriage. Then she conceived within 4 months after delivery but it got aborted naturally. After 2 years she had a son. Again, she conceived within 4 months after delivery and opted for induced abortion when asked about frequent abortions she said that she wanted to have an intimate time which might be lost if we think of any contraceptives at the time of sexual excitement. During both pregnancies she had Gestational Diabetes.

After marriage she started a fancy shop, and spends most of her time there only. She says that she is so beautiful and it is god who has made her so beautiful and it is not her mistake if guys are falling for her. She had extra-marital affairs with different men, but no one lasted long she also says that they were also not able to get her satisfied but she also mentions that she wanted a mental support from them instead they were just admiring her physical body which she personally did not like much as she knows that she is the most beautiful woman and around her place no one is as beautiful as her. Before 8 months she met a guy who is younger to her and unmarried. She loved him so much and feels that he is the right guy for her as he was able to support her mentally but says that she had no physical relation with him at all. Then husband came to know about the boyfriend and fought with her. But she didn’t stop meeting him. Then husband fought with the boyfriend and warned him not to meet her. Then boyfriend left her and changed his work and living place. Still, she couldn’t stop thinking about him, so she keeps stalking him and tried to convince him and elope along with him away from all. He is trying to escape every time she goes to see him. Patient is deeply saddened about this and thinks a lot about him. She says that she keeps hearing his voice and seeing him during sleep. She says, “give me medicine to die, I cannot live without him, I don’t want anyone else”. Currently she has lot of anger towards husband and aversion towards her children. She wants to kill everyone and live a life she wanted with her boyfriend. Before 6 months she took allopathic treatment for depression. She is very religious. She likes to pray to God about all her troubles. She says that her depression got cured after a priest prayed for her but she also says that “my boyfriend is the medicine for me, I want him at any cost but my husband is also a very good person as well”.

As a person

She thinks she God made her very beautiful. And people keep staring at her wherever she goes.

Very stubborn and obstinate person. Pride about herself and haughty in nature, nymphomaniac and no sense of guilt or shame.


Mental generals

  1. Obstinate
  2. Selfish or self-centered
  3. Pride or Grandeur
  4. Religious
  5. Hates her children
  6. Increased sexual desire
  7. Increased sexual thoughts
  8. No sense of regret or shame

Physical generals

  1. Craving- Salty food
  2. Aversion- Milk

Characteristic Particulars

  1. History of abortion
  2. Menses- black with clots
  3. Leucorrhea- Increased after menses
  4. Headache with heaviness

Reportorial approach:

Description: IMG_20210429_152224142


  1. Plantina 1M (1 Packet)
  2. No II Pills (3-3-3) * 1 month

Follow up:

  1. The patient reported after a month, she said she was 70 % better, all generals good no other complaints. Platina (0) was prescribed for a month again
  2. The third follow up after a month when she visited, she was absolutely normal with no complaints.

Conclusion: The constitutional medicine has a impeccable capacity to alter the tendencies and abnormal behaviors and reactions to the environment and correct it completely. Constitutional medicines are useful in overcoming chronic diseases which have a constitutional basis. The patient showed drastic improvements in a span of 2 months and all her complaints were better. Therefore, individual illness will be cured if only we can clearly understand the constitution and match the right similimum with right potency and repetition so that cure will take place with Homoeopathicity.


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Dr Arpita (Pg. Scholar -MD part II Department of Organon Of Medicine) Father

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