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Homoeopathic Remedies For Common Ailments – Dr.B.S.Suvarna

Homoeopathic remedies can be used as first aid treatment in many situations but serious injuries should always receive expert medical attention . If you are worried call for help first , then give the appropriate remedy while you wait for help to arrive .

Bruises  :

The very first remedy to think of after any injury or accident is “ Arnica “ for local bruising where the skin is unbroken , apply “arnica cream “ and whether you use the cream or not you can give an arnica pill as often as you think necessary , until bruising starts to go down . Arnica is also wonderful in cases of shock , if the person is dozy (woozy ) or unconscious crush the remedy first and place the powder directly on the lips .

Where there is serious shock or in any real emergency use rescue remedy . This can be used either alone or with arnica in cases of physical trauma , place a few drops of the rescue remedy straight on to the lips or tongue , every few minutes if necessary . If the injury results in pains shooting up the arms or legs , try “hypericum “ , this remedy is very useful , where very sensitive areas have been hurt such as the toes fingers , lips and ears . If the joints or bones have been hurt , “Ruta “ may be more effective than “arnica “ , which is more of a soft tissue remedy .

Cuts Sores And Open Wounds :

The first priority is to clean the area gently but thoroughly to remove any dirt . If the wound is very deep it may need stitches and you should seek medical help , once the wound is clean , gently apply some “calendula cream “ , “hypericum “ will do equally well , if necessary add a dressing to keep the wound clean .

Puncture Wounds :

Such injuries can arise from annual or insect bites pins needles and nails or from standing on a sharp instruments such as a garden fork , if the wound becomes puffy and purple and feels cold yet the pain is eased by cold compresses . “ ledum “ is the best remedy , if there are shooting pains which travel up the limbs along the tracks of the nerves , then “hypericum “ should be used .

Sprains And Strains :

For general muscle strains resulting from lifting heavy weights or excessive physical exercise such as aerobics or long hikes over hilly country side . “Arnica “will almost always be extremely effective , for deeper injuries where the joints are affected as a result of a heavy fall or a strong foot ball tackle use “ Ruta : for even more severe sprains especially to the ankles or wrists , where the pain is agony on first moving the joints but cases with gentle limbering up “ Rhus tox” should be very helpful .for injuries where the slightest movement is extremely painful and hand pressure eases the pain use – “Bryonia “ .

Rhus tox”can be a very good remedy for sprains especially to the ankles or wrists

Fractures : Once a broken bone has been set use “Symohytum “ daily , night and morning for atleast three weeks , this will not only ease the pain but also speed up the knitting of the bones .

Burns : severe burns need urgent medical assistance , do not delay , especially in the case of children and babies . For minor burns and scalds , “calendula “or “hypericum “ cream is very soothing , especially if applied straight away , if the pain remains or the burn is more severe take one pill of the remedy “cantharis “ every few hours until the pain eases , if shock is involved or you have a hysterical child , also use  “arnica “ in pills form .

Bites and Stings : For minor injuries apply “calendula” Or “Hypericum cream

If the wound looks bruised use “arnica , either as a cream or in pill form if the wound becomes very swollen and looks red and puffy use “apis” for injuries to sensitive areas such as fingers especially if shooting pains can be felt “hypericum” will be a useful remedy . “Ledum” be a useful remedy , “ledum” would be preferable of the wound is puffy and cold to the touch , yet it helped by cold compresses

Travel Sickness : Many people get sea sick in rough weather and some especially children are also air-sick or car-sick , the symptoms are usually eased by the remedy “cocculus

Fear Of Flying : For sheer terror , use “aconite “ and /or rescue remedy , before you go to the air port and then as often as you need to during the light if you shake with anxiety try “ gelsemium “ . If the problem is more a question of claustro phobia the fear of being trapped in a narrow space , “argentum nitricum “ should be very useful .

Visits to The Doctor Or Dentist : for any surgery or dental work where bruising and shock to the system are involved you can not go wrong with “arnica “ take one dose just before treatment and one dose each three times a day for as long as you need it .

For wounds that are slow to heal or where there is sepsis apply “calendula “ or “hypericum cream “ . If there are injuries to the nerves the symptoms of which may be shooting pains along the nerve tracks “hypericum “ can be helpful , where post operative bleeding is a problem such as after a tooth extraction . “Phosphorus “ should stop it , phosphorus is also very useful for that post –anesthetic “spacey “ feeling that won’t go away , some times persistent nausea may remain . “Ipecac” can be wonderful in such circumstances for pre-dentist nerves  “argentums and gelsemium “ are two of the best remedies 

Symptoms and medicines : BURNS : when there is an ordinary burn on any single part of the body , dress it with lime water . the burnt place should be kept covered with wheat flour or lotion of “cantharis Q “ should be applied and the part be kept dressed with it .

Cantharis : Should be used internally twice daily ,if cow dung is applied to the burnt place it is said no blisters are formed and burning etc. is also relieved when the clothes catch fire , one should not run away but should lie down at once , the burning clothes should be covered with a blanket , when the burns are deep and serious , hospitalization is necessary . In fever restlessness burning etc “ aconite “or arsenicum album should be given internally according to symptoms .

Burns Scalds And Sunburn : Burns are injuries caused by heat , certain chemicals , electricity extreme cold and radiation , when the heat is dry the injury is known as a scald the seriousness of the injury depends upon its size and also its depth .

A burn more than 2.5 cm / 1 in square which goes deeper than the very surface of the skin needs medical attention , all but very small and minor burns and scalds require medical attention after immediate first aid and shock – Aconitum followed by cantharis

Where there is only minor redness of the skin – urtica urens

Puncture wounds : any sharp object such as a nail needle or garden fork can produce a puncture wound , if it is deep there is considerable risk of infection having been introduced by the sharp object and injury to deeper tissues may also have been caused , puncture wounds require a tetanus injection .

Symptoms and Medicines : use as soon as possible after the injury occurs Ledum 30

Take 3 times a day for 2-3 days , the wound still remains painful after treatment with –Ledum

Take 3 times a day for 3-4 days —Hypericum

The area remains cold and numb and is sensitive to touch , getting relief from cold applications —- Ledum take 4 times a day for 4 days

A splinter remains in the wound —–  Silicea , take 4 times a day until it becomes removable                                                                                                                          The area becomes infected hot red swollen and painful –Hepar sulphur , take 3 times a day for 4 days
Cuts and Lacerations : if the skin becomes damaged by being torn open , treatment to some extent depends upon the type of damage produced , when the cut is from a sharp blade , the result is known as an incised wound and it may bleed very freely because the damaged blood vessels can not shut down easily , when the injury produces a wound with irregular edges , it is called a laceration .

These tend to bleed less freely but are more likely to become infected , after cleaning with warm water , firm pressure or squeezing the edges of the wound together will usually stop the bleeding , a firm clean dressing may then be put over the area .

Symptoms and Medicines : For when there is immediate shock –Aconitum

Good to use if there is a lot of bruising —Arnica Montana

If there is bleeding and infection is likely – calendula

If the wound is deep and / or extensive and if a lot of pain is being suffered – hypericum

Insects Bites and Stings : if the sting is left in the skin , try to remove it carefully with tweezers but do not squeeze it as the poison will be forced out into the skin , if a sting occurs in the mouth or throat or if there are multiple stings go to a hospital at once .

Symptoms / Medicines : For use as soon as possible after the sting occurs – Ledum 30 C , take one dose hourly for 3 doses

Where there is much burning stinging and rapid swelling –apis mellifica 30 , take one dose hourly for 3 doses

The area is red , hot and angry looking –Cantharis 30 C  take 3 times a day for 4 days

To treat a bee sting –Carbolic acid 30 C , take one dose hourly for 3 doses

The area remains cold , numb and very sensitive but is better after a cold dressing —–Ledum 30 , take 3 times a day for 3 days                                                                   where there is an itchy , blochy , allergic type of skin reaction –Urtic urens 30 C , take hourly until relief is obtained , with a bee or wasp sting a few drops of the appropriate mother tincture dabbed on the area sting will help to soothe it .

Bleeding Haemorrhage : as well as homoeopathic treatment , the necessary first aid procedures should be carried out while waiting for medical assistance , always seek medical advice for unexplained or severe bleeding any where in the body .

Symptoms and Medicines : A sense of panic and great restlessness , a craving for ice cold drinks —Aconitum

For use after any form of injury especially when there may be bruising –arnica Montana

Restlessness with anxiety and marked exhaustion ==Arsenicum album

A loss of bright red blood occurs which clots easily , head is hot , face is red – Belladonna

Patient shows signs of collapse with cold clammy sweat –carbo vegetabalis

Faintness and weakness with ringing in the ears , the blood is dark almost brown –china officinallis

The blood is profuse , bright red and clots easily especially useful for nose bleeds – Ferrum phos

A slow but steady flow of dark blood — Hamamallis

A feeling of exhaustion but no anxiety, bleeding occurs from piles  – Hamamallis

The blood is bright red , persistent bleeding but in the stomach a craving for ice cold drinks — Phosphorus

A brisk flow of blood with dark clots and pelvic pain – Sabina

Shocks and Collapse : Shock occurs after severe injuries , bleeding or burns and due to the reduction in blood volume and blood pressure that these conditions produce , it may follow a nervous shock , such as a severe fright or the receipt of bad news . the symptoms occur because insufficient oxygen is carried to the nervous system and other tissues , the patient will have pale cold clammy  gray  colored skin restlessness shallow breathing and a week pulse , in lesser shock the patient may just feel shaky for a few minutes or go into a faint .

Symptoms and Medicines : A sudden fright or shattering experience , extreme terror restlessness rapid pulse and soaking sweat —Aconitum

Trauma , pale , panting and lacking a pulse Eicher belittles the situation or feels that death is imminent —-Arnica Montana

Great restlessness and anxiety with a worried or even terrified expression pulse is weak or irregular lower eyelids appear to be puffy –Arsenicum album

Icy coldness with bluish shriveled –looking skin , lips become drawn back showing the teeth and the voice is high pinched or husky , throws off the bed clothes , eyes are upturned or closed —-Campora

Feels very cold particularly about the knees —-Carbo veg

Shock occurs after haemorrhage —China officinallis

Skin is cold and resembles marble , beads of cold sweat appear on the fore head pale drawn and sunken face . A feeble pulse , watery saliva dribbles from mouth lips hands and nails are blue —-Veratrum album

Suffocation : This condition occurs when the blood is unable obtain sufficient oxygen due to some interference with respiration . The skin will have a purplish appearance and breathing may be irregular , eventually ceasing altogether possible causes include ; obstruction of the air passages after choking or drowning the tongue being swallowed while unconscious .

The effects of drugs (including overdose ) or carbon monoxide from car exhaust fumes if the victim is flushed . First aid procedures should be carried out while waiting for medical help , once conciousness has been regained , homoeopathic medicines may be administered .

Symptoms and Medicines : Face is cold blue pale and covered with cold sweat chin and lower jaw quiver , coughing and gasping alternately —-Antim tart

Occurs because of swelling of tongue or throat –Apis mellifica

As a result of gas or charcoal fumes —-Bovista

Face is puffy pale blue or mottled and covered in cold sweat can not get enough air and feels ice cold , pulse is weak collapse is due to loss of body fluids through diarrhoea vomiting or bleeding drugs or chronic illness —carbo veg

Face is cold and blue , gasps for breath and clutches the heart –Laurocerasus

Irregular , noisy , breathing with long pauses between breaths . Face is red and bloated with contracted pupils and the woman is stuporous of comatose .—opium

Fractures (Broken bones) : A fracture is a broken bone and the actual “scrap” of th bone may have been heard by the patient when is occurred , depending on the size of injury . There is usually pain which is increased by attempting to move the affected part . swelling and tenderness develop and in a bad fracture deformity of the affected part may be seen ,first aid treatment should be to prevent any movement of the fractured bone ends as this can lead to further damage and cause considerable pain and shock , all fractures require hospital attention , use first aid procedures and homoeopathic treatment as soon as possible after the injury is sustained .

Symptoms and Medicines : use as soon as possible for the pain and shock –Aconitum

Suitable 10 minutes after using aconitum for bruising and safe tissue damage –Arnica montana

Use after arnica to aid bone union –symphytum

For use if healing and union are slow —Ca,carea phoshorica

Sprains and Strains  : A sprain occurs if the tissues around a joint are suddenly stretched or torn , there will be pain , tenderness and swelling which are all increased by movement of the joint . A strain develops when a muscle is over stretched or torn by sudden violent movement and is diagnosed by the occurrence of a sudden sharp pain and swelling at the injury site , both are some times difficult to distinguish from a fracture , because of the large amount of damage caused .

In these circumstances they should be treated as a fracture and the patient taken to a hospital , all but minor sprains should have medical attention , if they fail to improve after 24 hours or if the diagnosis is in doubt .

Symptoms and Medicines : Initial bruising , swelling , pain and shock

1. Arnica Montana     2 Rhus toxicodendron

If the injury is close to a bony surface which is sore , use this medicine instead of “ Rhus tox “—–Ruta graveolens –take 4 times a day until the symptoms are relieved

If the injury is close to a joint which has become swollen and painful on movement ——Bryonia alba –followed by rhus tox .

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