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Psychiatry and Homeopathy – Treating Mind and Body

Medical experts have realized that the earlier treatments of medical illness were very brutal. The people who had mental illness were assumed to be possessed by demons and treatment was usually punishment. Mental illness is one of the major health issues today and also the treatment for the same has progressed in the past few decades. How you react to any type of medicine totally depends on your body type, genetic factors, personality and many more.
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What is mental illness considered in Homeopathy?
Even while treating for physical health, homeopathy gives importance to mental health. Homeopaths don’t consider the mind and body separate and instead believe that both of them are interconnected and affect each other directly.
The homeopathic alternative to treating psychological and physical diseases is to assume that mind and body are undeniably connected and that a microdose must be individually prescribed based on the totality of the sick person’s symptoms. Some doctors advise taking homeopathic medicines than conventional medicines because the latter can cause side-effects.
Psychological symptoms, too, are thought of as ways in which a person is trying to adapt to biological and psychosocial stress. Suppression of such symptoms is not good unless medically advised. The correct homeopathic medicine will catalyze a healing process that will improve a person’s overall health level.
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Treatment of psychological problems in Homeopathy
Choosing the correct homeopathic medicines in itself is a systematic and artful process. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat mental problems but to address its underlying cause and individual vulnerability. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat mental problems that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations, and type of complaints.
Homeopaths commonly treat people with acute and chronic psychological disorders which includes depression, anxiety, phobia, emotional and mental states of confusion. Homeopaths also treat people with substance abuse problems. Following are a few remedies which are helpful in the treatment of different mental problems and these should not be taken until prescribed by a doctor/therapist.

  • Depression – Ignatia Amara has proven to be effective for patients having depression. It helps with nervousness and hypersensitivity. This homeopathic medicine can treat symptoms such as non-communicative behavior, dull mood and the inability to enjoy in the company of others. Aurum metallicum is typically prescribed to patients who have suicidal tendencies. Carcinosin is generally used to treat chronic and severe forms of depression.


  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder –  If a person tends to feel worried and uneasy constantly for around 6 months or more, then he/she may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. The person may find difficulty in falling asleep and concentrating. He/she may also be prone to fatigue and have frequent urge to urinate. The Homeopathic medicine, Aconitum Napellus is very effective against Generalized Anxiety Disorder wherein the patient may also suffer from frequent panic attacks. Trembling and palpitations resulting from the anxiety can be controlled by a homeopathic medicine called GelsemiumSempervirens (Yellow Jessamine) which induces anti-anxiety activity.


  • Bipolar Disorder – Homeopathic medicine, Belladonna is quite effective against bipolar disorder. This is a condition in which there are symptoms of violent behavior. For example, the patient may even hurt the person near him/her for no reason at all. Another symptom for which belladonna works quite well is when the patient indulges in anti-social behavior such as spitting on other people. Also, Veratrum Album is a medicine that is prescribed to patients with destructive behavior.


  • Schizophrenia – Hyoscyamus Niger is the recommended homeopathic treatment for a patient who shows symptoms of schizophrenia. The main symptom of schizophrenia is a feeling in which the patient has thought disorders and feelings and experiences that are not real. This feeling may result in the patient avoiding everything offered to him/her, which could potentially include medicine. Another effective homeopathic medicine generally used for treating symptoms of jealousy and suspicion is Lachesis.

Medicines help with the treatment of people with any type of mental illness but a major role is also played by the doctor/therapist. Physical health is easy to understand and cure when compared to mental problems. If you wish to learn about medicines and what they are used for you can always choose to study about it and pursue a degree program.
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