Homoeopathic Aid to The Palliative Care Patients

Homoeopathic Aid to The Palliative Care Patients


Background: The main aim of this article is to understand the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines in the management of palliative patients and the importance of the objective symptoms helps in the selection of the similimum.

Key words: Palliation, Similimum, Narcotics, Sedatives, Objective symptom, Quadriplegic, Hematoma

Palliation in Homoeopathy

Palliation is defined as the temporary relief of symptoms .The basics of the cure is the fundamental law of similars. The law of similars is the fundamental law also in the palliation of the incurable state. When we are facing these incurable conditions the administration of the similar remedy almost always ameliorates the situation .Then we may have the return of the symptoms when the indicated remedy will be called in to use again1.

Relevance of objective symptoms in palliative patients

Dr. Samual Hahnemann says in aph.90 and its footnote the importance of objective symptoms2. Palliative patients most of them are in the end stages of life .They are helpless to express their feelings through words or actions. In this condition assessing the objective symptoms is very helpful for the selection of the similimum.

Evidence based study case

Patient named Mr. S.A of 74yrs came on 6/10/22 as quadriplegic and unconscious followed by post operation after the head injury. Patient is a k/c/o HTN, DM, Parkinson’s disease and on allopathic medications. He is also on Ryle’s tube, Tracheostomy tube, and urinary catheter. During the time of admission the Glasgow coma scale was E1M1V1 and had fluctuation in the vitals. Considering the history of the disease state the case diagnosed as traumatic head injury and totality erected is as follows.

  • A/F Fall, Head injury, Hemorrhage

  Based on the above totality remedy which was most similar was Arnica. 


 Arnica 301pk 3 times daily for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks patient regain the consciousness, opening the eyes-fixed, and blinking. At that time GCS was E3M1V1

Patient developed cough unable to bring out the sputum and it was thick. The cough was so sever whole night with fever and rattling in the chest on auscultation ronchi and crackles were heard. So considering the objective symptoms totality was erected.


  • Cough <night
  • Rattling in chest
  • Expectoration difficult
  • Thick expectoration3

Based on the totality Ant.tart came as the remedy. Ant.tart 30 1pk (1-1-1) for 1 week was prescribed. By that patient got improved, phlegm started to comes out, and on auscultation added sounds were reduced.

On 1/11/22 patient started passing turbid urine with low grade fever.

Considering the investigation report selected the remedy Cantharis 301pk TDS for 2week.

After 2 week

Conclusion: In incurable cases we should not put a limitation on the possibilities of the similar remedy, for in many seemingly incurable conditions the similimum will so completely meet the situation as to obliterate the symptomatology of disease and the pathology and will restore the patient to health.

The above case suggests that homoeopathy can do wonders in the management of palliative patients. But it will be according to the knowledge of physician and his power of keen observation. And courage to take right decision according to the need of the patient for the restoration of the normal functioning.


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