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Homeopaths celebrate 20 years of practice in UAE with international conference

Homeopaths celebrate 20 years of practice in UAE with international conference

Celebrations held as part of IHMA 4th International Conference ‘Remedium 4.0’ in Dubai which was held in December 2022.

Around 250 homeopathic doctors from the UAE, other GCC countries, India and Pakistan attended the conference. K Kalimuthu, consul (Economic, Trade and Commerce) at the Indian Consulate in Dubai was the chief guest while eminent homeopaths from India, Dr Saptarshi Banerjee and Professor Dr Mansoor Ali, presented scientific papers.

The team of Homeopathy 360 got the opportunity to interact with the luminaries of IHMA UAE –

Dr. Ananth Prakash Alphons Dsouza, M.D. (Hom)

Chairman of Remedium 4.0 Conference and President of IHMA UAE

Dr Rozina Baig Zaheer, is a practising Homeopath at Zia Medical centre Dubai with an experience of 24 years and above In India and UAE.

An interaction with Dr. Ananth Prakash Alphons Dsouza –

Congratulations on celebrating 20 years of Homeopathy in UAE, how do you feel about it?

Thank you. It’s a feeling of pride & fulfillment. It’s a landmark achievement that we homoeopathy community celebrate and rejoice about. It’s a great opportunity & a privilege for IHMA to organise this International Homeopathy Conference “Remedium 4.0” to mark this journey of two decades. It brought all homoeopaths together from UAE, India & other gulf counties. We are truly proud of the way Homeopathy has evolved in this region during this period.

Also, as the president of IHMA UAE, how has the journey been so far?

I deem it a wonderful opportunity as the president of IHMA to be able to oversee the activities & to encourage the members of our homoeopathic community in UAE to take an active part in the events & programs that we plan through the years. It creates a conducive atmosphere when all the homoeopaths come together on a platform to share, learn & exchange views and plan for a better future. We have been creating an impact through various activities for homoeopaths, not only educational but also social, recreational, cultural, charity events & so on. The enthusiasm among the members of IHMA to volunteer & be a part of these activities has been commendable. This journey over the past 2 decades has been challenging as we had to work with limitations and had to step out of our comfort zones to bring changes. The Health Authorities (Ministry of Health & Dubai Health Authorities) have been very supportive and that enabled us to advance to this stage where we are now. Now when we look back, it feels wonderful to recall the events on the journey. IHMA has definitely played a major role, especially the recent years. The support provided by the National Dias and the NWC has been heartening.

What reforms do you feel should be incorporated into the system and how can Homeopathy perform better?

The system needs to adapt to changes as time passes by and the CHANGE is inevitable. The practice of Homeopathy has not remained the same over the past two centuries. The innovation of new theories & their application has paved the path for new ideas though the basic principles of practice remain the same. The research work n Homeopathy and its publication need to be the area of focus and I wish all practitioners dedicate a little time & effort towards this. This would go a long way towards building a strong foundation for the system and alleviating or avoiding any criticism. Documentation of cases & research work published based on those would create a new horizon and provide confidence to the upcoming homoeopathic practitioners. Keeping oneself updated with the latest developments in the system is a key to success. Regular CMEs and inputs from experienced practitioners would be very helpful to build up a successful practice. IHMA has been taking steps towards these aspects. We have a Clinical Research team that has the task of conducting research projects and publishing the outcome regularly. Also, we have regular CMEs being conducted.  Annual National Conference & International Conference is a sincere attempt made towards achieving this goal.

Where do you see IHMA UAE in the coming 5 years?

IHMA UAE has grown in leaps & bounds ever since we had its inception 7 years ago. We started with about 40 members and now we have 160 plus members and counting. We have plans for the brighter future of homoeopathy in this region and help form new chapters in the region as well. While the regular activities are on, we also have plans to work & bring greater awareness of the system among the public in the region. We would definitely witness significant growth in its practice and acceptance. The future of Homeopathy in UAE is definitely shining bright with promising growth in its spectrum and the time is near for homoeopathy to take a prominent place in the region’s healthcare map. The IHMA UAE executive committee and its members are always keen to bring this change and forever willing to contribute towards the noble mission.

An interaction with Dr Rozina Baig Zaheer

Congratulations for Remedium 4.0 that was celebrated recently on the occasion of 20 years of Homeopathy in UAE, can you give a brief about it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

November 20th, 2022 marked the fourth International Homeopathy Conference which was held at Swissotel Al Murooj, Dubai. The event came after a gap of three long years and aimed to gather like-minded intellectuals from the Homeopathic Fraternity globally to collaborate ,exchange views and share their expertise as to how Homeopathy contributes as a scientific system for the growing needs of health care. Concurrently the 20th anniversary celebration and success of Homeopathy in the UAE and of aspiring practitioners was to promote wellness “Together towards Tomorrow “was also announced. This one-day conference was from 8:00am till 5:00pm with the attendance of 250 delegates from GCC and India; making it one of the largest Homeopathic Conference in the region. The speakers included the distinguished lecturer & practicing Homeopathic Doctor, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea and specialist in handling cosmetological cases homeopathically Professor Dr. Mansoor Ali. The chief guest was Shri K. Kalimuthu the Indian Consul of Economics & Commerce in UAE. It was also a platform to recognise and felicitate the contribution of eminent personalities globally who has contributed towards alternative sciences and its growth and evolution in UAE. Remedium 4.0 is an opportunity to recognise the endeavoured efforts of those individuals who have worked towards the acceptance and evolution of Homeopathy in UAE and would like to honour their work with the prestigious IHMA Awards to be held as a part of 20th anniversary celebrations. Overall it was a huge success and each executive has played a vital role in it attaining its accomplishment.

When did Homeopathy establish in UAE, the story behind it?

It has been two decades since Homeopathy was legally channelized into the Health care department of UAE. Today most of the Medical centers have Homeopathy incorporated in their facilities and is covered by most insurance companies.20 years is a long journey and of course it has faced its own challenges and practical difficulties when it comes to it sustenance, yet we have evolved and grown as a community strengthening our roots as one of most popular and accepted modes of alternative treatment. 

Can you take us through the journey of IHMA UAE, from its initiation to the difficulties faced and now where it stands?

IHMA UAE chapter started at 19th April 2016 with 7 members, now members count is 147, Remedium 1.0 in 2017. IHMA actually is an offshoot of Kerala homoeopathic medical graduates association – KHMGA since 1987. Due to many National circumstances and issues faced by Homoeopathy it paved the way for formation of IHMA in 2004 and was registered under Indian societies registration act. Due to the interest of UAE rules, hard work of few Homoeopathic stalwarts  and strong public demands for Alternative medical systems necessity for a healthy  society under MOH – TCAM was developed  and started to conduct licensing examinations for qualified experienced Practitioners of Homoeopathy along with Ayurveda, Unani etc from 2002. Later Dubai health authority also started licensing examinations, now under MOH and DHA it continues. Almost 250 homoeopaths graduate and post graduate cleared the exams with good scores and practicing in almost all emirates of UAE strictly following UAE rules and regulations. Ever since IHMA spread its wings in UAE ,It has been working towards creating a platform where experts have chance to showcase their expertise on the scope of the Homeopathy in the present era with the help of Evidence based case studies that would in turn be a key factor for connecting likeminded practitioners in the region on a National and international platform where one can enhance their knowledge and skills and work towards improving the quality of health and lives of people through a holistic approach .

 How are Homeopathic medicines procured in UAE?

Although the availability of all medicines is a challenge due to limitations of registered medicines under UAE DRUG REGISTRATION RIGHTS, it has been improving over time and the government and authorities are trying their best to have the necessary remedies available and the number increases by the year. Earlier there were very few pharmacies that catered to Homeopathy medicines but with growing demand most of the pharmacies now make them easily available. Here the medicines can be purchased at regular pharmacies under the same umbrella where other medicines can be procured.

 What about the educational sphere in Homeopathy or AYUSH system in general?

The possibility of having a Homeopathy college or special courses for ongoing Homeopathy learning is always been on the agenda and hopes to see it taking shape in years to come . Of course the guidelines need to be formulated by the UAE health authorities and may have different guidelines for its students. It’s only since two decades that Homeopathy has come into acceptance in a land where this was alien and since then come a long way when it comes to making its imprint among the residents of UAE.

What is the scenario of Homeopathic practice in UAE? What is the response of residents of UAE to homeopathy? What are the different options for homeopaths to sustain in this field in UAE?

Homeopath doctor can work as a certified Homoepathy practitioner once he has cleared his written and oral exam with his complete documentation and can easily apply to a registered medical centre and get his license activated and start his practice under the guidelines given by MOH/DHA/HAAD. Most of the patients have homeopathy incorporated in their insurance schemes and hence that forms an essential part of their healthcare package. Homeopathy doctors can also open up their own medical centres and hire other doctors or specialties to work at the same platform. Insurance companies also provide scope for Homeopathy doctors to work in their departments.

 What is the vision of IHMA and where do you see homeopathy in the coming future?

The vision of UAE believes in making it one of the best countries in the world in every respect and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the Establishment of Health Care facilities and standards for its people. This is what that led to Establishment of Traditional Complementary Alternative Medical system in 2002. With a vision to bring out a change towards a better and healthy lifestyle for all those who can receive the message of Homeopathy as one of the safest mode of Treatment. IHMA shall continue its journey. The vision of IHMA is to bring about a platform for Homeopathy and its practitioners that can be looked upon as the most genuine and authentic form of practice abiding to the standards and up gradation of the system keeping the ever evolving research and newer approach towards its patients and giving the confidence for the masses to choose Homeopathy as their first option wherever it can offer its role. Homeopathy still comes with skepticism when it comes to its acceptance among the masses and is overshadowed by its myths and realities. It is a science whose scope has been undermined, yet it has been evolving and strengthening its roots as a popular choice many a times proving to be best and only mode of treatment in a varied number of illnesses. It is necessary to explore the benefits of this science and make it a first choice.

About Dr. Ananth Prakash Alphons Dsouza, M.D. (Hom.)

The Chairman of Remedium 4.0 Conference and President of IHMA UAE Chapter. He has a vast experience in the Homeopathy practice of 27 years of which 18 years in the UAE. He graduated and later pursued his Post-Graduation M.D (Homeopathy Materia Media) from Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College, Mangalore. He’s also trained at ICR (institute of Clinical Research) Mumbai.  He has a teaching experience of 10 years as a faculty at the same institution before he moved to Dubai. He is a senior homoeopathic consultant at Unicare Medical Centre & Medex Nasser Clinic, Dubai. He is also the president of the Father Muller Homeopathic Medical College Alumni Association in UAE, for the past several years.

About Dr Rozina Baig Zaheer, is a practising Homeopath at Zia Medical centre Dubai with an experience of 24 years and above In India and UAE. Graduated From A M sheikh Homeopathic Medical College Belgaum, obtained her prescribing skills under the Guidance of Dr Mirza Anwer Baig. She strongly believes in the classical system of Homeopathy and is very popular among the paediatric populace. She also holds a Diploma in Naturopathy and uses Yoga as a Therapeutic. Specialization in Bach Flower Therapy. Recently completed her Post Graduation from Allen’s college UK under Dr Subrata Banerjea.


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