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Homoeopathy In Insomnia

Homoeopathy in Insomnia :
Dr Monimala Pramanick (Sen) M.D.(Hom.)
Lecturer of Homoeopathy Pharmacy Depertment
Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Agra


The Latin word is insomnis, “sleepless”.
The synonyms are:
Sleep disorder, difficulty of sleeping.
The causes of insomnia is overwork, stress, health related issues, finance or family problem, trauma (death or illness of a near and dear ones).
1.Acute insomnia
2. Chronic insomnia
3. Comorbid insomnia
4. Onset insomnia
5. Maintenance insomnia
Risk factors:
Physical and mental weakness
Mental health issues
1. Fatigue
2. Concentration and memory problem
3. drowsiness in the whole day
It was a summer day. I was sitting in my clinic. A female of 35 years, black ,tall, thin came to my clinic with a history of acute insomnia. She had a severe insomnia from 2-3 months .Her own language “Doc, I can’t sleep the whole night. I just lie down and wait when the first ray of sunlight will knock my window.”

Personal History:
Father died before three and half months ago. She was out of town at that time. Father was her friend and guide. She was attached mentally with her father. It was a shocking moment for her to get a sudden news about the death of father.

Physical general:
Abdomen: Pain in the abdomen after eating the lunch and dinner.
Stool: Stool hard ,dry as if it just tear the wall of anus and comes out.
Urine: yellowish as she hardly take 2-3 glass of water per day.
Menses: Irregular from 3 months.

Mental Symptoms:
Memory of father makes her cry, feels depressed, does not want to share her feelings with others.
After taking the totality and going through the case , I prescribed Natrum carbonicum 200 ,B.D. for 2 days .
Of the forsaken discarded feeling, Rajan Sankaran writes of Natrum carbonicum: “The Natrum carbonicum woman needs just one relationship and is very dependent on this one relationship, without which she feels tremendous fear, sadness, and sense of isolation…Natrum carbonicum is very sensitive, especially to separation from the beloved and to the breaking of relationships. When the beloved is not there or he has gone away the patients show great sadness. They become estranged from their family and friends and bear their grief silently, feeling forsaken”.
So her mental state told me to prescribe Natrum carb.
Fifteen days later she came. Her pain while urinating is no more , Hard stool became soft But still she woke up at midnight with a feeling of loneliness and depression.
I prescribed P.L. for ten days again. As her symptoms were improving I gave p.l. After 2 months only one dose of nat. carb 200 repetition helped her as a miracle. She is completely well now and seldom comes to me for her different problems.

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Dr Monimala pramanick

Lecturer in Homoeopathy Pharmacy at
Naiminath Homoeopathic medical college