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Mental Health: A Sensitive Health Marker

Authored by:

Dr Binal Chavda

                  Mind is the storehouse of thousands of thoughts and ideas from hich the garden of creativity and positivity blossom but if not considered on healthy perspective,it can turn into an ignition house which can turn all the systems to fire and burn the person to ashes.

               Positive Mental health is of utmost importance in today’s world where there is stress and anxiety at every step of life and to be free from negativity and stress has become a big challenge.Medically,stress has some vicious effects on physical level and digs the ground for chronic incurable diseases like Autoimmune disorders such as Arthritis,Metabolic disorders like Diabetes,Hypertension  even Incurable diseases like Cancer.

             For a healthy mental state,positive attributes such as free natural thoughtful process,positive approach towards every situation in life and a helping attitude towards each one are the tools in the servicing of machine called mind.Moreover,Awareness towards the disturbing and negative affluences is the biggest weapon to deal with deranged mental health and to come out of it in which Meditation and Breathing techniques helps us at the most subtle level.

            Homoeopathic science has wide range of scopes in correcting Mental Health in a gentle mild way and promoting positive flow of thoughts in one’s mind.

            Homoeopathy  believes that every Disease has its root at the mental plane.A feeling generated whether positive or negative generates some chemicals in the body which brings about pathophysiological changes in the body resulting in health or disease.Basic feelings which we face are Fear,Anxiety,Suicidal thoughts,Anger etc where Homoeopathy helps to calm down the hyperexaggerated responses of these feelings in different systems and revives the physiological processes resulting to health.

Some mental features with respective Homoeopathic medicines are listed below:

  • Anger:Aconite,Chamomilla,Nux Vomica,Staphysagria,Platina
  • Anxiety with fear:Aconite,Arsenic Alb,Anacardium,Causticum,Ignatia
  • Anxiety about Health:Kali Ars,Nitric Acid,Pulsatilla
  • Fear:Argentum Nitricum,Borax,Aurum,Calc Phos,Ignatia,Graphites
  • Irritability:Chamomilla,Bryonia,Aconite,Lycopodium,Staphysagria,Sepia,Veratrum Viride
  • Mood Tantrums:Pulsatilla,Zincum,Nux Moschata,Lycopodium,Ignatia
  • Nervousness:Actea Racemosa,Colocynthis,Anacardium,Hyoscyamus,Sulphur,Pulsatilla
  • Mental  Depression:Aurum Met,Causticum,Natrum Muriaticum,Psorinum,Rhus Tox,Thuja
  • Oversensitive:Argentum Nitricum,Natrum Mur,Pulsatilla,Silicea,Helleborus,Nux Moschata
  • Suicidal Disposition:Aurum,Natrum Sulph,Psorinum,Antim Crud

 It is rightly said,

    ‘The mind is its on place and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell,a Hell of heaven.’

So be aware of your mind and heal your mind in right direction in right way to make it a heaven.

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