Homeopathic Book on Phenomena and Facets by Dr Rajesh Shah

Homeopathic Book on Phenomena and Facets by Dr Rajesh Shah

Book Name: Homeopathic Book on Phenomena and Facets

Author Name: Dr Rajesh Shah

ISBN No: 978-81-319-4448-6

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About Book

The book is a homeopathic approach explained by an astute, innovative and enthusiastic practitioner and researcher with an impressive record of more than 30 years of therapeutic success and working incessantly on discovering new drugs. One can experience and appreciate the author’s enormous vigour, fierce courage and scrutinizing spirit in the field of Homeopathy.

• Phenomena, Facets and Psychosomatic explained and useful to old and new practitioners

• The book explains in detail how to elicit phenomena and the facets i.e., framing patient’s words into rubrics.

• Case illustrations and overview of 30 cases given

• Concept of facets and phenomenology applied to repertorial study and suggested repertorial additions

• Clinical use of Zizia in respiratory illness.

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ISBN: 978-81-319-4448-6 | 320 pp

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