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History of Medicine – D D BANERJEE


History of MedicineD D BANERJEE

The author has attempted to prepare a short synopsis to introduce the readers with the masters from the past and their theories, the contributions which helped evolve the medicine to its present state.

Sketches of masters with the detailed contributions done by them, their findings which laid to the foundation of today’s system of medicine have been discussed.

It’s an interesting journey to our roots so we can look up to a strong future by learning from our past.

The aim of medical education should be to produce a cultured and highly educated – gentlemen or women with an adequate knowledge of medicine and unprejudiced observation for which one must have a minimum knowledge of historical background.

What to expect from the book-

– The Egyptian medicine

– Chinese medicine

– 16th century medicine of the era of Paracelsus and Harvey

– 19th century and Renaissance period

– Catgut

– Anaesthetic properties of that time

– Aphorisms and oath of Hippocrates

It is best to make the foundation of History strong so that the future is tread onto a successful and careful path.

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