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Cases Of Infective Hepatitis Cured By Homeopathic Medicines

Mr .Shivakumar   age 27 years   married  laboure   in coffee estate  on daily wages long and well nourished.

Came on   8-6-2013  for consultation with the following complaint  

1. vomiting   by bilious   2- 3 times associated with the constant nausea  since 1 week

2. Passive   yellow colour urine since last few days 

3 felling of uneasiness and prostration for last few days 

4 pain in abdomen especially   right hyp0chondrium and peri umbilical region , nausea intense and perpetual and history high color urine  . with 100.4 deg ree  farinete   temperature. suspecting   hepatitis . L.F.T   were advised .  he   developed high colour urine and pale stools with nausea and vomiting .

5. loss of appetite  giddiness fatigue tiredness high fever

6 body itching severe abdominal pain severe   joint and body ache cramping pain in legs and thighs   sleeplessnes.   eyes   nails dark yellow c olour walking from tiredness cough muscles pain

Mouth ulcer night head ache specially over the eyes aggravation headache dryness of mouth and thick white coating of tongue   

GENERALITITIES   – were as follows chilly patient likes to take meat .  egg .  salted and spicy food sweat was average thirst was average sleep was disturbed . mentally   he was very responsive . co operative tidy .   physical   examinations   gave following findings

Weight was recorded 55 kg   pulse 80 /minute   B.P. 120/75 regular conjunctival     discoloration( yellow)

Was visible  .  liver   was just pulpable and tender tongue was moist coated under surface showed yellowish discolouration.      skin itching jaundice during –Kent repertory page 1328 .


Name   shivakumar  date 8-6-2013

Liver function test

Total    bilirubin    3.32mg/dl

Direct 1.74 mg/dl i

Indirect   1.58mg/dl

Total protein 5.44 mg/dl

Serum albumin 3.14mg/dl

Serum globulin   2.3 mg/dl

S..G.O.T (AST): 86.0 UL ml

S.G.P. T (ALT) ;90.8 UL ml

ALKALINE phosphatase      ; 136.5ulml 

URINE color-dark yellow

Appearance   slightly


Albumin –absent


Microscopic examination

Pus cells -4.6

Rbcs 1-2

HBSHG- negative

U.S. G. report

Patient name Shivakumardate7-6-2013

Abdomen ultra sound report 


No focal mass , no intra hepatib  illary dilation seen .

Portal vain and   C.B.D normal caliber .


Normal distended no calucalii  normal wall thickness

PANCREAS  Normal no cyst or mass seen

Aorta and para aortic  area  normal

Kidneys  right kidney shows normal size echopattern  no calculi

No  hydronephrosis   , normal corticomedullary   junction . left   kidney shows normal size Achopattern , no calculi. No hydro nephrosis , normal  corticomedullary  junction .

The right kidney measures 9.6X 1.4 CMS cms

The left kidney measures   9.7×1.5 CMS

Urinary bladder

Well distended   normal wall thickness  no calculi  no mass .

Prostrate shows normal echopattern , capsule  intact , volume 22cc no ascities no mass in abdomen cavity

RIF   NO MASS   , no fluid collections seen


Suggested clinical correlation .

First prescription   8-6-2013  treatment

1 .chelidonium   30  was given daily 3 times  morning  afternoon  and night  2. Natrum phos 6x

3 times daily 3 times 

3 cardusmarinus Q

Daily 3 times M/A/N 3 times   

 4  .Arsenicum  alb.200. daily  2 times  for one week

5. china  200 daily 2 times  prescribed  and was advised to to be taken correctly . he was also advised rest glucose intake  plenty of water to drink simple diet and examination of blood and urine .

Date 28th june 2013

No further vomiting .  passing good stool (formed) , feeling better , but slight feverish feeling was with him though temperatur elevated . . on examination pulse was recorded 80/min regular liver was still pa lpable  and tender . blood and urine report as  on28th june 2013 were as follows  confirmatory  diagnosis infective appetites 


  1. Chellidonium 30  daily 3 times  for 15 days m/a/n
  2. 2. Cardus marinus Q –daily 3 times  for 15 days
  3. 3. China 200 daily 3 times m/a/n
  4. 4. Natrum  sulph6x  m/a/n for 15 days

Reported on test report date-28-6-2013

Liver function test 

Total bilirubin -5.8 mg /dl

Direct billirubin  1.0 mg / dl

Indirect bilirubin -4.8mg dl

Total protein 8.0 gm /dl

Serum albumin 5.0gm/dl

Serum globulin 3.0  gm/dl

S  .G .O.T (AST) 39.2 u/l

S . G.P.T (ALT) 26.1 u/l

Alkaline phosphates 47.0u/l

He  was started on chelidonium 30  and  chionanthus Q with in 24 hours vomiting almost stopped  fever stopped he could retained high intake of advised fluids  appetite improved . he developed intense  pruritus  all over  . hephar sulph 30 was given (skin itching jaundice during –Kent Rep 1328 no change   he almost scratched   he self to bleeding – sulphur 200 3 dose were given for 3 days itching completely relieved   ictrus cleared up . urine colored returned to normal  and so did  he L F T . 4th September 2013  S. bilirub in 3.6 S. G.O.T (AST) 28.5 S .G .P.T (ALT) 14.1  alkaline phosphate  60.0  

Test report

Liver function test   date 4th September 2013 

Total biliru bin   3.6 mg/ dl  

Direct b ilirubin     1.9 mg /dl

Indirect    bilirubin      1.7 mg/dl

Total protein 8.1 gm /dl

Serum albumin 4.8 gm/dl

Serum albumin 4.8 gm/dl

Serum   globulin 3.3gm/dl

S.G .O.T( AST ) 28.5U/L

S.G.P .T (ALT)  14.1 U/L

Alkaline phosphatase 60.0 IU/L

Urine Analysis    4-sep-2013

Physical examination

Color –yellow

Reaction /pH acidic

Specific Gravity   1.0200 Nr – 1.010- 1.030

Chemical examination

Protein  absent

Glucose –Nil

Ketone    Absent

Bile salts    Absent

Bile pigments    Absent 

Urobilinogen –normal (0.1mg/dl )

Nitrate      absent


WBCs 1-2 /hp f

RBCS   not seen /hpf

Epithelial     cells    0.1 hpf

Bacteria      +

Casts   not seen /hpf

Crystals     calcium   oxalate( +)/hpf   

Chelidonium. 30   t d d from 2 months completely recovery. Homoeopathic remedies in infective hepatitis and their ability to cut short the total duration and morbidity of this ailment for which

 There is  no specific  treatment in allopathy.

Improved  further ,urine becoming light coloured. No fever. Mouth ulcer cured .skin itching cured .Appetite is good. Good sleep. Weight is 57 k.g. feeling much better.

Recent follow up—S  bilirubin i.2 mg/dl.

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