Gelsemium Sempervirens: A case study Role of Constitutional prescription in management of True Chronic Disease

Gelsemium Sempervirens: A case study Role of Constitutional prescription in management of True Chronic Disease

Gelsemium Sempervirens

Preliminary Data:

Mrs. P 40 years old female presented with the complaints of numbness and pain in bilateral forearms and hands in the past 2 years.

Locomotor system B/L Forearms and Hands Since 2 years Gradual onset & Gradual progression Rx Ayurveda    Numbness2+    Pulling pain 2+ Swelling sensation 2+ <Grasping3+   <Exertion3+   <Morning2+   >Pressure2+   >Movement+  


Patient presented with complaints of numbness and pain in bilateral forearms and hands since 2 years. Gradually patient presented with symptoms of swelling sensation followed by pain which is of pulling type and also presented with numbness only on holding the objects for a long time (cutting vegetables, holding handles in the bus, grasping). The complaint is worse during exertion, in the morning, and better by applying pressure and movement.

She had taken Ayurvedic treatment for the same complaints but had no relief.

No History of Fever, weakness of bilateral forearms & hands, claudication of pain, radiation of pain and muscle wasting.


Past medical history – chickenpox in childhood

Past treatment history – Ayurvedic medication for the above complaints.

Family history- Father death due to myocardial infarction, Elder brother has Hypertension.

Mother – Paralysed due to Cerebro vascular accident.

Allergic history – not allergic to environmental factors.

Personal History:

Diet – Mixed

Appetite – Good, 3times/day

Thirst – Normal 1L/day

Craving – Fish2+, tea 2+

Aversion – Bittergaurd 2+

Bladder habits – 3-4times/day

Bowel habits – 1time/day, satisfactory

Perspiration – Increased, generalised, staining absent, odour – absent.  

Sleep – Good, 10pm to 6am, refreshing

Dreams – Unremembered

Thermals – Prefers winter season, likes open air, fan – wants fan, covering – wants to cover, wears tight cloths, bath in tepid water – habit.

Menstrual History:

FMP – 14 years

LMP – 28/8/2022

Cycle – regular

Duration – 3 days

No clots present

PAST OBSTETRICAL HISTORY: 1 son, birth weight 1.1kg

C section, Hypertension during pregnancy.


Patient hails from a middle socio-economic family. Father was a coolie worker and mother was working as a beedi roller. She has 3 elder brothers,2 elder sisters and 1 younger sister.  She has good relation with all the family members.

Childhood: She was very selective in making friends and used to speak very less. She had very few friends and was not mingling with all. She studied upto 2nd puc, later she discontinued her studies as her parents did not let her to study further due to which she feels guilty but do not regret for the same.

Adulthood: She married at the age of 21 years. She has 1 son and is more attached to him. She used to have fights with her husband, if he denies giving money for her requirements.  She will not share any feelings with him. Before 1 year her husband was working in foreign country, at present he settled in mangalore and working as a tailor. Before 1 year they used to live in joint family at present they are staying separately as nuclear family. Father expired due to Heart attack and she griefs over it. 3 years back her mother had an attack of paralysis and she used to take care of her. She is more attached towards her mother. When she was narrating about her mother’s health she had tears in her eyes and was emotional. Constantly thinks about the life problems

As a person – she speaks less, reserved, selective in making friends, suppressed emotions, weepy while narrating about her mother’s health, wants to be loved and wants affection from her husband, prefers to be alone, whenever she gets angry she will not speak and shout back.


Moderately built and Well nourished

Well oriented with time, place and person.

Pallor is present

No signs of cyanosis, clubbing, icterus, odema and lymphadenopathy.

Weight – 71Kg


Temperature – Afebrile

Pulse- 66 bpm, rhythm regular, moderate volume and condition of vessel wall-not palpable.

B.P- 140/90 mm Hg in Rt arm supine position.

Local examination:

Tone of the muscle-Normal

Power of muscle: 5/5- Normal in bilateral upper limbs.

Radial and brachial pulse – Normal

No restricted movements.

No Wasting of muscle.

Systemic Examination:

Respiratory system – NVBS heard, no added sounds.

CVS- S1 S2 HEARD, no murmurs.

As the case was having predominant mind symptoms thus Kentian approach was selected

Kentian totality was erected.


Desire to be left aloneRestlessness with emotional excitementHas a feeling why should I go through all this troubles why me?Not happy with the lifeConstantly thinks about the life problems. Hot patientCraving – Fish2+, tea 2+Aversion – Bittergaurd 2+Perspiration – Increased, generalized. Bilateral forearm Numbness2+ Pulling pain 2+ Swelling sensation 2+ <Grasping3+ <Exertion3+ <Morning2+ >Pressure2+

Based on the above totality Gelsemium Sempervirens was selected as a constitutional remedy.

The key symptom of this remedy is Aggravated by all emotions, they always feel like why they have to go through these life situations and thus will be depressed and gloomy seeking solitude.

Terrified of everything unexpected, fear of losing her self-control and her calmness.

Constantly aggravated by thinking of her troubles & life problems are the core of this remedy.

Prescription: 8-09-2022

Gelsemium 10 M (1P)

  1. No II Pills

For 1 Month it was prescribed

1st Follow up 22-09-2022

All the complaints are better

Generally, she feels much better

80 % better

Burning in soles present

Rx: Gelsemium 1M (1P), Causticum 30 (3-3-3) Only if required

2nd Follow up 27 -10-2022

Complaints are better

Burning sensation on the finger tips on & off occasionally present.

Rx: Gelsemium 0 (2P), Formica Rufa 30 (3-3-3) Only if required


Homoeopathy has a great scope in the treatment of chronic diseases, sometimes even after clinical diagnosis it becomes difficult to treat the case but if the symptoms are well defined and if we are able to construct a logical corelation with the case and the Materia medica then definitely the patient will be going towards the road to recovery and permanent cure will be possible with Homoeopathicity.

About Authors:

Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine (Gold Medalist), Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College. Consultant Homoeopathic Physician at Dr Padiyar’s Homoeopathic Clinic Mangalore.

Dr Deeksha Ballal, BHMS (Intern) Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

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