Gallstones: Picture, Symptoms, Types, Causes treatment with homeopathy

Gall Stone Cured by Homeopathy

Mrs. xxxx, age 58 years, a school teacher came to my clinic on 17-7-2001 with ultra sonography reports showing gall stones. She wanted to remain under homoeopathic treatment out of fear, for the allopathic doctors had advised surgery.

Present complaints: Pain in the region of gallbladder, intermittently, radiating to the sides.  Pain at every 2 or 3 days pain aggravated after eating, evening, night.

She had abdominal discomfort amounting to pain in right hypocondrium at night.

Characteristic Particulars : -pain abdomen –pricking

< Inspiration < heavy meals +++ ,

Abdomen –heaviness ++heart burn + sour eructation.

Abdomen – distension ++ flatulence,

Weakness +++ nausea,

Stools – hard and loose,

Sleep: Loss of sleep from pain, sweating from palms and feet.

Mental: Irritable, anxiety, anticipatory, likes company.

Ultra sonography, 1st Report dated 10-7-2001

Gall bladder: well distended measures 7.2×2.3 cms, innumerable (15-20) mobile small sand like calculi measuring 2-3 mm in diameter, wall thickness is 2 mm. No pericholecystic fluid noted, C.B.D dilated measures 1.5 cms with evidence of multiple small calculi noted at the distal C.B.D with a conglomerate measurement of 2 cms

Pancreas: Parenchymal texture normal. No ductal dilatation no calculi.

Spleen: normal texture

Impression: Innumerable (15-20) gall bladder calculi measuring 2-3 mm with no wall thickening 1.5 cms

  • Dilated CBD with evidence of multiple small calculi at the distal end with conglomerate measurement of 2 cms.
  • 1.9 cms posterior wall calcified fibroid noted

2nd report dated 17-7-2001

Real time ultrasonography of the abdomen was performed.

Liver: Enlarged and hypoechoic. Evidence of mild dilatation of the intra hepatic biliary radicals noted. No focal cystic or solid mass lesion. Intra hepatic portion of IVC is normal portal vein is normal porta hepatis is normal.

Gall bladder: Dilated measures 4 cms in diameter .multiple small 4 mm calculi seen in the lumen.

C.B.D: Measures 1.2 cms at porta is dilated. Evidence of small 4 mm calculus noted in the terminal C .B. D

Pancreas: Parenchymal texture normal no ductal dilatation, no calculi.

Spleen: Normal texture

Aorta: normal

Kidneys: normal in size, shape and outline. Parenchymal texture normal. Corticomedullary differentiation is well made out and is normal, sinus echoes are normal

Urinary bladder: wall thickness normal, luminal echoes normal, no calculi.

Uterus: small in size with calcification in the wall of uterus, no evidence of free fluid / adenopathy.

Impression: Terminal CBD calculus with intrahepatic bilary and CBD dilatation with distended gall bladder, numerous small calculi with hepatomegaly. No identifiable collection.

Homoeopathic Prescriptions

1. Calcrea carb 200 (pills size no.40), 6 pills at a time daily 3 times m/a/n for 1 month

2. Chelidonium 30 –6 pills (as sos for pain), brought immediate relief of pain.

3. China 200 , 6 pills at a time, tds .for one month .1 hour after food , for general weakness.

4. Berberis Vulgaris Q –20 drops with ¼ cup of water daily 3 times ,1 hour after food for 1 month (to promote the expulsion of calculi).

Calcarea carb. Took care of the patients symptoms. but the size of the calculi remained the same and hence a specific remedy .

“Chelidonium 30 was given the patient did not take it , she did not have any acute attack of pain , there after the patient is now symptom free , this case demonstrates that surgery is not the only solution for gall stone and that homoeopathy has a wonder full scope in such cases . The patient has no complaints till date ,23-8-01 , she came with no pain with a general improvement in her health .

Ultra sonography report (23-8-2001) and after the homoeopathic treatment :

Gall bladder: normal in position wall thickness, CBD- appear normal, no calculi are seen.

Impression: Essentially normal study.

Ultrasonography report dtd.28-8-2001: 2nd Report

Gall bladder: Wall thickness normal, Luminal echoes are normal, no calculi.

CBD is dilated measuring 1.1 cms, no intra hepatic, biliary dilatation –probably choledochal cyst.

Pancreas: Parenchymal texture normal, no ductal dilatation, no calculi.

Impression: 1. Dilated CBD measuring 1.1 cms with no intra hepatic biliary radicle dilatation suggestive of probably choledochal cyst.

2. Calcification noted in the uterus measuring 2.6×0.9 cms -? Calcified fibroid.

Thus it is seen that homoeopathic medicines are capable of curing gall stones


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