Francisco Xavier Eizayaga Biography and Books

Francisco Xavier Eizayaga Biography and Books

Dr. Francisco Eizayaga was born on January 23, 1921 in Santa Fe, Argentina. He passed away in July of 2001. He studied homeopathy at the ‘Asociacion Medica Homeopatica Argentina’ (Buenos Aires).

Dr. Eizayaga had a full time classical homeopathic practice since 1952. He taught regularly since 1954, mainly in Brazil, USA, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, England, Canada and Argentina.

For sixteen years he was the President of the Argentine Medical Homoeopathic Association (AMHA). He was Former Director of the School for Graduates of the AMHA, Former Editor of the journal ‘Homeopatia’ of the AMHA, Honorary Member of ‘Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil, Asociaçao Paulista de Homeopatia, Academia Homeopatica Barcelona.

Also Former Vice-President for Argentina of the Liga Medica Homoeopathica Internationalis, Honorary Professor of the School for Graduates of the AMHA, Founder Member and Former President of the International Medical Homoeopathic Organization (OMHI), Member for Argentina of Boiron Intitute, Lyon France and Founder of Homeos Institute and Homeos Foundation for Research and Teaching of Homoeopathy, Buenos Aires.

He has published:

  • Treatise on Homoeopathic Medicine
  • El Moderno Repertorio De Kent
  • Enfermedades Agudas Febriles

Dr. Eizayaga’s work with homeopathic prophylaxis during epidemics will also be remembered. He has also helped to differentiate the various symptoms and characteristics of a person to find the correct medicine.

Dr. Eizayaga has asserted that a ‘constitutional medicine’ is prescribed primarily according to a person’s genetic endowment and some of the person’s deeply-seated psychological tendencies. A ‘fundamental medicine’ is prescribed according to the functional symptoms which represent the organism’s response to the various stresses it is experiencing.

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