Eupionum and its use in diseases of female sexual organs

Eupionum and its use in diseases of female sexual organs


Eupionum is very useful homoeopathic remedy in many of the female health issues. It has wide variety of symptoms but it’s action on female sexual organs are very pronounced homoeopathically. Eupion not only covers female symptoms but also useful in many other diseases too. Homoeopathy has many remedies in treating diseases of female origin and eupion is one of them. Homoeopathy helps in collecting the totality of symptoms of patients and by individualisation eupion is able to cure the diseases. This article shows which of the symptoms of female diseases are dealt under eupion.

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A volatile oil is obtained on distilling wood tar, which separates into two oils form, one is lighter and other is heavier oil; the heavier oil is known as kreosote and the lighter one is eupion. The eupion which was proved by Wahle in Rome. He was the one who also proved Paraffin, which bear a very close resemblance to those of kreosote, but they are not identical to each other. The chemical formula of eupion is C5H12(1).

Synonym: Holzteerdestillat, Wood-tar (2).

Scope in Homoeopathy:

Eupionum covers large number of the symptoms centre in the female sexual organs, some of them being very characteristic. It is useful remedy for uterine displacements (3). Eupionum is one of the great remedy for tubal block. Eupionum actually removes blockage in both sides of the fallopian tubes. There is presence burning sensation in right ovary (4). The clinical importance of this remedy in many disease conditions related to female such as amenorrhoea, groins, pain in, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, pruritus pudenda, tumours, vicarious menstruation, haemorrhages etc.

Different symptoms of diseases related to female sexual organ are written in the form of rubrics under Kent repertory:

  • Genitalia female, itching
  • Genitalia female, itching, evening
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea, gushing
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea, menses after
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea, yellow
  • Genitalia female, menses, copious
  • Genitalia female, menses, frequent, too early, too soon
  • Genitalia female, menses, intermittent
  • Genitalia female, menses, pale
  • Genitalia female, numbness, washing in cold water, after
  • Genitalia female, pain
  • Genitalia female, pain, biting
  • Genitalia female, pain, burning
  • Genitalia female, pain, burning, ovaries
  • Genitalia female, pain, sore, washing in cold water, after
  • Genitalia female, pain, sore, washing in cold water after
  • Genitalia female, pain, sore, between labia when urinating
  • Genitalia female, pain, stinging
  • Genitalia female, pain, stitching between labia
  • Genitalia female, swollen, labia, between (5)

Homoeopathic Materia Medica by Dr. J.T. Kent: Eupion is given under rubrics in first, second and third grade. The first and second symptoms are as follows:

  • Perspiration, colliquative (1)
  • Eye, weak (2)
  • Nose, epistaxis, menses, during, intermits, when flow (2)
  • Abdomen, pain, sides, left (2)
  • Abdomen, pain, sides, left, above crest of ilium (2)
  • Abdomen, pain, cutting, menses, during (2)
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea (2)
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea, copious (2)
  • Genitalia female, leucorrhoea, yellow (2)
  • Genitalia female, menses, copious (2)
  • Genitalia female, pain, burning (2)
  • Genitalia female, pain, burning, urinating, while (2)
  • Genitalia female, pain, burning, ovaries (2)
  • Back, pain, rising, stooping (2)
  • Back, pain, extending, pelvis (2)
  • Back, pain, broken, as if, sacrum (2)
  • Extremities, cramps, calf, night (2)
  • Extremities, cramps, calf, bed, in (2)
  • Extremities, pain, stitching, forearm (2)
  • Perspiration, exertion, during slight (2)
  • Generalities, convulsions (2)(5)

First and second grade symptoms are here indicated in (1) and (2) respectively to ease the understanding. Through these symptoms in the form of rubrics give tremendous idea about eupionum and also help in individualisation of this remedy for the treatment of diseases.


J. H. Clarke-

  • During urination there is presence of some pain between labia.
  • Burning, stinging, itching and swelling present between labia which gives momentarily relieved by rubbing, afterwards burning and <. When genital washes with cold water, it becomes stiff and numb and there is sensation of soreness and rawness.
  • Intense itching of pudenda which is worse in evening with raw pain sensation in sternum where touch is unendurable.
  • Discharge of blood between periods with severe pain in back is characteristic.
  • After eight days of menses, leucorrhoea staining the linen yellow in spot. There is lassitude and emaciation. Stitching pain in soles of feet during walk. The whole body is trembling (as of a jelly) in resting position.
  • Whenever pain of back ceases there is abruptly gushes out leucorrhoeal discharge with pain in forehead.
  • Copious leucorrhoea is running down which is leaving in evening and returning in morning.
  • Menses appear too soon and copious like a flood. There is bruised sensation in chest with stitching pain in the middle of the chest and in the heart when breathing which however looks like taking away breath. Pains reduced in intensity on third day of menses.
  • Fluid consistency of menstrual discharge is thin and copious with severe backache and painless pulsating in head.
  • Twisting pain in abdomen during menstruation which is extending to rectum. The flooding sets in when pain ceases.
  • Menses appear dramatically. It stopped for twenty-four hours and again returned and continued for next twenty-four hours with wabbling sensation in upper part of body from short ribs to head.
  • When menses cease, headache and chilliness appear on third day, but on fourth day, flow returns for a few hours and headache and chilliness cease.
  • When menses cease there comes on nausea, salivation, and irritability and vice-versa.
  • In case of scanty menses there is absence of usual pain of abdomen.
  • In case of suppressed menses Eupion 9 caused severe cutting abdominal pains emanating from sacrum, as if something would press out of genital parts. At some interval pains passed and returned. She was well after twenty-four hours, and the menses appeared without any trouble (1).

William Boericke-

  • There is burning sensation in right ovary. Leucorrhoea is gushing in nature.  It is highly recommended in chronic tubal diseases and also in uterine flexions. Menses appear too early which is copious.
  • During menses there is irritability and disinclination to talk along with burning and stitching sensation in chest and heart.
  • After menses there is presence of leucorrhoea which is yellow in colour along with severe backache. When backache ceases, the leucorrheal discharge gushes out.
  • Soreness is present between labia while urination. There is pruritus pudendi with swollen labia (3).

S. R. Phatak-

  • A lighter voletile oil which is obtained on distillation of wood tar.
  • Female symptoms with backache are characteristic of this remedy.
  • Menses appaer too early and copious in amount. During menses patient is irritable and showing no desire to talk with anybody.
  • Leucorrhoeal discharge is yellow in color which stain the linen yellow and also with severe backache.
  • when pain in back ceases, leucorrhoeal discharge gushes out after menses.
  • Burning sensation is present in right ovary.
  • Pain in sacrum which seems as if broken. Pin in sacrum is relieved when bending backwards and by leaning against anything for support.
  • Severe cramping pain in calves especially at night.
  • when walking there is a sensation of needle in the soles of feet.
  • There is uterine displacements.
  • Patient feels sensation as if whole body were made of jelly.
  • Slight exertion causes profuse sweat.
  • Related to Graphites, Kreosote and Lachesis (6).


Eupionum plays a great role in treating many diseases especially related to female sexual organs. Eupion has its own specific personality and it is very important remedy of this modern era. Homoeopathy provides the platform which can cure those cases only by following the basic fundamental principle of homoeopathy i.e., “Similia Similibus Curentur”.


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