Essentials of Repertorization by Prof. Dr. Shashi Kant Tiwari

Essentials of Repertorization

by  Prof. Dr. Shashi Kant Tiwari

Essentials of Repertorization

Every successful homeopath makes use of various repertories for the selection of the simillimum. Even if the case is well taken, in certain cases, finding out the similar remedy, which covers the totality, is a herculean task and at this juncture repertories are helpful. Various types of repertories have been evolved since the time of Hahnemann, but all these are of little use to a practitioner unless he knows how to use them properly.

About Book

Dr Tiwari’s book elucidates the scientific and artistic use of repertories to attain the desired end. This book gives a clear understanding of the history, development, and procedure of repertorisation elaborated by Kent, Boenninghausen, and Boger and, in general, deals with other repertories. Wherever needed, illustrations and cases have been provided in order to give to the learners a detailed and correct idea about the practical aspects of repertorization.

This work is not intended to be one more addition to the rich and varied homoeopathic literature, but to reiterate the value and importance of repertories as well as the need for a thorough acquaintance with their philosophy and construction so that they are put to maximum use and the practice is firmly based on logical and scientific ground.


·         The book delineates the philosophy, plan, and construction of the three foremost repertories-   Boenninghausen, Boger, and Kent.

·         Detailed working methods have been demonstrated through cases drawn from my clinical experience.

·         Few topics related to repertories have also been included under the ‘Appendix’ at the end of the book.

·         A list of medicines used in the Therapeutic pocket book, Boger’s Repertory as well as Kent’s Repertory has also been given.

·         Fifth Edition comes with added features:

Ø  More logical arrangement of chapters

Ø  New topics added like: Jahr’s repertory, Father Muller’s Repertory, Constitution,

Ø  Susceptibility, Diathesis, Temperament, Disease, Posology etc.


Ø  Revision and addition to topics: case taking, biographies

About Author:

Dr Shashi Kant Tiwari is a senior Professor and Guide and former Principal of Fr Muller Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Mangalore. He is an authority in homeopathy so much so his name is synonymous with homeopathy in Manglore. Having worked at Fr Muller for almost 25 years he has set up a homeo clinic in Jyothi, in Manglore a year  and a half back but continues his association with Fr Muller hospital.

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