Homoeopathic Treatment On Thyroid Disorders With Philosophical & Miasmatic

Effectiveness Of Homoeopathic Treatment On Thyroid Disorders With Philosophical & Miasmatic Background


Dr Skandhan. S. Kumar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College.

Dr Shreya N Padiyar, BHMS MD Organon of Medicine, Assistant professor department of organon of medicine and philosophy, Yenepoya Homoeopathic Medical College.



BACKGROUND:  Thyroid disorders are one of the commonest disorders among endocrine disorders, mostly seen among females, which have multisystemic affections. Even though in some cases it is not producing any signs and symptoms, it becomes a cosmetic problem as well as if ignored becomes a stake for life. Our system is of medicine that heals illness using dynamic potentized substances capable of causing the similar illness that is, presenting the similar symptoms when administered to healthy people same hold good in thyroid disorders as well. The main objective of this article is to know the effectiveness of homoeopathic treatment on thyroid disorders with philosophical & miasmatic background


KEYWORDS: Homoeopathy, Miasm, Thyroid, Homoeopathic Philosophy.



Basically, thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone, which has controls over our many day-to-day activities in your body, including how fast you work, how well oriented you are and how fast your heart beats. Derangement of the vital force or what we say disease of the thyroid cause it to make either too much or too little of the hormone production in body. Depending on how much or how little hormone your thyroid makes, you may often feel restless or tired, or you may lose or gain weight. Women are more likely than men to have thyroid diseases.



Homoeopathy `homoes’ means similar, “pathos” means suffering is a system of therapeutics based upon the law of similars with the principle “SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTER” – let likes be cured by likes. The fundamental principles of homoeopathy are associated with the system of doctrine, laws and all the aspects explained by Hahnemann in his literary works of practice were in first our system was formulated, named and scientifically established by Hahnemann in his Organon of Medicine which can also be said as the Bible of Homoeopathy.



Health is a balanced state of life characterized by normal functioning of the spiritual vital force which maintains and co-ordinates the various physiological activities of the living organism in a harmonious way as a result of which man feels a sensation of wellbeing & The disease is nothing but the disharmonious functioning of the vital force, which results mostly from unfavorable factors in the environment of the person. Hence homoeopathy considers patient as whole and does not consider the disease something different. The real sick man is prior to the sick body.



“The highest ideal of cure is rapid gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of disease in its whole extend in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles” Aphorism 2 Organon of medicine. When it comes According to Herring point of view, Cure basically takes place from above downwards, from within outwards, from more important organ to less important organ, and in the reverse order of onset of symptoms. Same holds good in terms of thyroid disorders also there are numerous medicines present in our system which has direct action on thyroid and above all when the constitution of an individual is known and when medicine is prescribed based on individuality the scope of Homoeopathy is infinity on such disorders.

Individualization is the core investigation of a case when it comes to our system as it defines ourselves from other system of medicine, demands on the part of the physician, principally unprejudiced observations and sound sense as said by our master, attentive observation and fidelity in tracing the picture of the disease. Thyroid disease has serious impact on the whole individual, the concept of treating the person not the disease, hence the constitutional remedy selected on the basis of the totality of the patient will be the ultimate treatment for the thyroid disease.                                     

H.A. Robert states that the modern physiologist reflects the theory that the vast majority of human illness is traceable to dysfunctions of the glandular system. The recent budding homoeopaths may have learned to scoff at the philosophy of Hahnemann, yet how close the endocrinologist’s findings are to the teachings of Hahnemann-that the human being is a unit mind, body and spirit. The wide range of health issues that affects constitutionally are caused by glandular dysfunctions or are influenced by glandular preparations. Therefore, we can confidently say that the constitutional homoeopathic remedy will be more effective, here in the light of modern knowledge just as it had in the past when we did not realize the importance of knowledge of endocrinology, but trusted to the totality of symptoms as our mere guide in prescribing. Here are few of constitutional polycrest remedies that have to influence these glandular affections with their effectiveness, are our great polycrest remedies and many of these are from the same chemical base as the elements of the physical body- Sulphur, Phosphorus, Kali groups, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Silicea and Carbons.

Our dynamic medicines will directly affect the dynamic vital force which in itself establishes the equilibrium in those parts which are susceptible because of imbalance created by the diesaes.



Miasm its the expression of body, there are many definitions of the word miasm but Dr Hahnemann himself was very precise in his own interpretation, it is an influencing agent being a particular form of minute, invisible, animated being, specific to a particular form of disease.






 “A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in a living organism by a stronger one, if the latter is very similar to the former in its manifestations”3 is the law which holds good even today for any type of disease such as thyroid disorders or any other derangement of Vital force which we come across this particular law of cure holds good. Finally, in Homoeopathy the totality of the symptoms written out carefully is all that we know of the internal nature of sickness. Then the proper administration of the similar remedy will constitute the art of healing7


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