Dr AK Dwivedi Homeopathic Physician Indore, Conferred with Madhya Pradesh Ratna award

Dr AK Dwivedi Homeopathic Physician Indore, Conferred with Madhya Pradesh Ratna award

Indore. Specialists of homeopathy are succeeding in curing many such deadly diseases, in which no homeopaths and doctors of the world are getting success in. Senior Physician Dr AK Dwivedi is one of the few doctors who are giving new life to the patients suffering from fatal diseases. Dr AK Dwivedi was honored with the ‘Madhya Pradesh Ratna’ in the Madhya Pradesh Ratna Alankaran Ceremony 2022 for giving new life to the patients of many incurable life-threatening diseases with homeopathy and for the service work. On Monday at Kushabhau Thackeray International Convention Center located in Bhopal.

This honor was conferred on Dr. AK Dwivedi by the Hon’ble Governor of Madhya Pradesh, ‘Mangubhai Patel’ and Dr. Vaibhav was also honored for the special role played by him in helping the family to get out of mental trauma.

Along with this, during his Bhopal stay, he also shared information about serious blood borne diseases and their cured patients in the country and abroad.

In this program organized by Madhya Pradesh Press Club, Dr Dwivedi gave information about those rare diseases, after which it is very difficult to save the life of the patient, but he has cured those patients by homeopathies who are now leading a normal life.

Despite being a victim of fatal diseases, homeopathy is proving effective in curing the patient in a few months. One of these cases is of a two-year-old child from Bihar, whose life was in danger due to aplastic anemia. Shivaansh, two-year-old son of Neeraj Kumar, resident of Moulabagh, Bhojpur, had got this disease. He did not recover even after taking treatment in many cities. Then, he contacted the Advanced Homeo Clinic in Indore. At the time of Corona, treatment started from here through video call and he got cured in a few months.

The second case is of a girl from Indore, who used to get blood instead of sweat from her body. For a long time she was struggling between life and death, but after a few months of treatment here, she too got cured.

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