Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment in homeopathy

Diabetes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention in homeopathy

Mainly two type of diabetes
Type 1:- Insulin dependent diabetes
Type 2:- Non-Insulin dependent diabetes
Among this the type 2 diabetes is the most common and constitute more than 80% of all diabetes.
Cause of diabetes
Heredity is strong in type 2 diabetes. if both parents are diabetic 75% of their children might became diabetic.
The paternal influence of inheritance of diabetes in children is about 15% whereas the maternal in the once is only 9%
The unit of heredity is the gene located in the DNA of the chromosomes contained the nuclei of the cells of own body.
The gene carries inherited message and directs the cell through the messenger RNA in the building up of proteins like insulin.
It is suggested that in diabetes the gene might interfere with the formation storage or release of insulin from B cell dysfunction.
In addition to over eating a high carbohydrate diet consumption of concentred and refined sugars am are lead to diabetes 60% of all diabetics are obese.
If a person 40 year of age has a weight 30% less than the ideal weight for his age and height.
The common cause of fatness are over eating and avoidance of muscular work over eating lead to obesity and diabetes.
In a sedentary worker fat appears as ‘belly hang’ in young lady as folds below the scapula at the bake in a young mother as gluteal lumps in an old lady as the hanging arm fold below the shoulder and in other concerted in the abdomen as omental and mesenteric fat.
Treatment of diabetes
The treatment of diabetes is determinate an individual basis.
Diet regulation is supremely important in the obese type 2 diabetic a known ledge of diet in general nutritive value of common foods and the changes to be made for diabetics is essential for the successful treatment of diabetes.
The drugs used in diabetes are insulin oral hypoglycaemic agents and indigo nous drugs.

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