Conference Report : To facilitate budding Homeopaths practice Homeopathy with confidence

Conference Report : To facilitate budding Homeopaths practice Homeopathy with confidence

“IIHP National Homoeopathic Scientific seminar at Hyderabad”

 In association with Homeopathic medical colleges of Telangana state

 With technical support by central council of Research in Homoeopathy 

  Venue: Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam Hall, Srinagar colony, Hyderabad

Date: 10th and 11th February 2024.

 Theme of the conference: To facilitate budding Homeopaths practice Homeopathy with confidence

Type of article: Conference report


Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians is an outstanding Organization known for initiating scientific innovation. With a visionary foresight towards quality Homoeopathic Education, the plan was conceived by IIHP to organize a national level academic event for the benefit of students of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in the country.  The decision to this effect was taken on 25th June 2023, when Dr syed Tanvir Hussain the National President of IIHP was invited to a state Seminar as a resource person, organized by IIHP Telangana state Branch at Hyderabad.

As a part of academic enrichment, National Homoeopathic scientific seminar was organized on 10th and 11th February 2024 in association with Homeopathic medical colleges of Telangana state with technical assistance from central council of research in Homoeopathy.  Featuring over 1500 delegates registered for the conference, the highest number ever since the inception of IIHP (75 years) promised a remarkable platform for exchange of knowledge and expertise by Homeopathic practioners from all over India and abroad. 

The entire theme of the conference was to benefit students of Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in the country by highlighting evidence based homeopathic practice. 

The marvelous journey of this scientific seminar would be incomplete without the unconditional support rendered by Dr. M A.Roa ji who is so visionary and dynamic leader of IIHP and   instrumental in making the event resounding success 

Thanks to all Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in Telangana who came forward to support and nurture the vision of IIHP.

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Indian Institute of Homeopathic physicians is one of the oldest recognized professional Organizations established for the welfare of qualified Homoeopathic graduates. Ever since its inception, it has been striving hard with untiring efforts to bring scientific validity to Homeopathic system of medicine. Under the able and dynamic leadership of late Padmashri Dr. K.G.sexana ji and late Dr G.L.N.Shastry ji, the two Visionaries, the Organization is always in the forefront to uphold the dignity of Homeopathic profession in India and abroad. Late Padmashree Dr K. G. Saxena ji was instrumental in getting recognition to Homoeopathy in India. 

The seminar was well attended by various faculties, undergraduate, posts graduate scholars, students in doctoral programs, CCRH Scientist, Homeopathic practitioners, speakers from all over India and abroad, delegates from conventional medical stream to name a few.  Prof. Dr. Muthyala Ramaiah from Minnesota University USA and Dr. Anwar Khursheed Royal Protocol Physician at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia made their presence at the event to understand the strengths of IIHP in promoting Homoeopathy. 

Event highlights: 10-02-2024 

Pre-inaugural Session:

Dr Praveen Jain: 

Dr. Praveen Jain a well-known Physician from Mumbai was one of the Keynote speakers, initiated first Scientific session. His topic for deliberation was “Geno CARE- Transforming Genetic Disease Care with Homoeopathy. Approach to Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)”  

He dealt extensively by highlighting critical areas in managing genetic disorders through Homeopathy which rated the summit and threshold of homeopathic success in genetic diseases.  


The unique inaugural function was graced by – Sri Sri  Sri Tridandi  Shreemannarayana  Ramanuj Chinna Jeeyar Swami  garu  as Chief Guest.

A spiritual awakening to the scientific ceremony marked the holy beginning of this event, accompanied by the divine blessings from His Holiness. The other dignitaries on the dais were Dr. Syed Tanvir Hussain IIHP National President, Dr. Jupally Rameswar Rao Chairman of My Home Group and JIMS, Padmashri Dr. V. K. Gupta President of Honor IIHP, Dr. M. A. Rao Immediate National Past President and Chief Advisor to this Seminar, Dr. Lingaraju Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Principal, JSPS Homeopathic medical college. Hyderabad, T. Krishnamacharya swamy JIMS HMC IIHP, Dr. Sudhanshu Arya National Secretary General IIHP, Dr. Mahesh Pagadala National Finance Secretary P, Dr. R.V. Gayatri Devi Chairman IIHP Women Cell, Dr. Madhu Varanasi President Greater Hyderabad Chapter of IIHP, Dr. M. N. Raju President IIHP Telangana State Branch.

The inaugural function was started with an Invocation song by students of Dev’s Homoeopathic medical college, lead by Dhruv Shank Chamundeshwari.

  Dr. Madhu Varanasi. President of IIHP Greater Hyderabad Chapter extended a warm welcome. The welcome was followed by presentation of floral bouquets to the dignitaries on the dais and lighting of the traditional lamp and floral tribute to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and late Padmashree Dr. K.G. Saxena.

Dr. Syed Tanvir Hussain National President IIHP gave his Presidential address followed by address by other dignitaries on the Dias. The highlights of the inaugural function were, felicitation of Padmashree Dr. V.K. Gupta and Dr. Niranjan Mohanty with Living Legends and Master Healer Award.

Sri Sri  Sri Tridandi Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami ji, the Chief Guest of  the function dealt on divine and scientific nature of Homoeopathy. The audience were spell-bound hearing his in-depth knowledge in Homoeopathy and medical sciences. Later Swamiji showered his blessings on the Seminar and its participants. Dr. Rameswar Rao Chairman of JIMS and My Home group, who was guest of honor for the function spoke at length on the promotion of Homoeopathy. Later he was felicitated with Samajik Seva Ratna Award for his outstanding contribution for the promotion of Homoeopathy and Rural Health care.

Swami ji was felicitated with shawl, shrifal and a memento by the IIHP President of Honor and National President.

The inaugural program was beautifully compered by Dr. Vaidehi, Dr. Annapoorna and Dr. Priyadarshini. 

   ARENA OF SPEAKERS: on 10-2-2024 

  • Dr. NIRANJAN MOHANTHY – Auto Immune Disorders and Homoeopathy with special reference to Psoriasis.
  • Dr. E.S. RAJENDRAN- Homoeopathy – The Nano Quantum Medicine in Epigenetics.
  • Dr. SANJAY MODI- Relevance of Organon for today’s generation
  • Dr. MUKTINDER SINGH- Homoeopathic understanding of Dependent personality disorder with Rubrics, cases and Materia Medica
  • Dr. SYED TANVIR HUSSAIN- Nip the Evil in the Bud – Homoeopathy in Pre-cancerous conditions.
  • Dr. DEEPAK SHARMA- A Clinical Journey – 29 years of Homoeopathy in Oman
  • Dr. RASHEED AKHTAR- For today’s generation, few guidelines from Organon of Medicine before making Totality of Characteristic Symptoms and a Case report.
  • All the distinguished Speakers who floored their sessions on first day were felicitated with mementos as a mark of their outstanding contribution by Dr. Syed Tanvir Husain National president IIHP and the dignitaries who chaired the sessions. All the CEC members of IIHP, who were there in person, were warmly felicitated.
  • Dr. KAUMUDI PADMAMALA  compered  THE MEDI-QUIZ  for the students of various Homoeopathic Medical Colleges sponsored by Dr. Noman Siddiqui in fond memory of his late grandfather Dr Baderuddin Siddiqui a veteran Homoeopath of Homoeopaths of Hyderabad.
  • Students from JSPS Govt Homoeopathic Medical College,  JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College,  MNR Homoeopathic Medical College,  HAMSA Homoeopathic Medical College, DEVS Homoeopathic Medical,  GURUNANAK Homoeopathic Medical College,  BVVS Homoeopathic Medical College-Bagalkot,  A.M.SHEIKH Homoeopathic Medical College-Belgaum , K B ABHAD Homeopathic medical college- Chandwad Nasik,  CHANDIGARH Homoeopathic Medical College,  Dr Maalakareddy Homoeopathic Medical College-Kalaburagi took active part in the scientific Sessions.

 ARENA OF SPEAKERS: on 11-2-2024 

Prof. Dr. Gorantla Chandrasekar conducted the proceedings on the second day. The following Resource persons presented their papers.

  • Dr. SANTHOSHKUMAR- A New Horizon : Arsenic Album LM Potency in Pediatric Asthma and Cytokine Dynamics
  • Dr. SHASHIKANT TIWARI- Boger’s Repertory – its Clinical application.
  • Dr. ZAMEER REFAI- Inspire to Heal. Success stories in advanced and incurable challenges.
  • Dr. NAVIN PAWASKAR- Efficacy of Individualized Homoeopathy in Acute Viral Hepatitis – a Retrospective Descriptive Study.
  • Dr. M. RAMAIAH- Rare Diseases – a challenge to world health.
  • Dr. SAMIR CHAUKKAR- Role of Abuse in Pregnancy leading to Autism.
  • Dr. NAYEEM UNNISA BEGUM- An insight to evidence-based Homoeopathy – through case studies.
  • Dr. G. CHANDRASEKHAR- Psychiatry and Homoeopathy

All the speakers who floored their sessions on second day were felicitated with mementos as a mark of their outstanding contribution. 


At the end of the Seminar, Dr Mahesh Pagadala National Finance Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.  Expressing his gratitude to all the Members of the Organizing Committee, CEC Members,  Telangana state branch, Greater Hyderabad Chapter for their outstanding support in making this event a great success.

 Dr. M N Raju of TS, Dr Madhu Varanasi of Grtr  Hyd,  Dr. Satish Krishna,  Dr. Nomaan Siddiqui,  Dr. Srikanth, Dr. Venkat Narayana,  Dr. Bhaskar,  Dr. Shailendra,  Dr Samiyuddin . Dr V Padmaja Rao,  Dr HariKrishna Ch  and all  others for their timeless hard work and support. 


 He also thanked all the Directors, Principals, and faculty members of all Homoeopathic Medical Colleges in Telangana and outside Telangana for their wholehearted support. He has expressed his sincere thanks to all those Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals and Stores for helping the event by putting up with their companies’ Stalls. He expressed his gratitude to all those who have contributed directly or indirectly for the success of this great event. 

The participants of this two-day mega event appreciated the Akanksh Caterers for providing timely excellent delicious food and high tea on both the days. Overall, it was indeed a gala event with loads of take home message for all.

Conflict of Interest: There is no conflict of interest to be declared

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To conclude:

With the success of Homeopathy in preventing and treating  global  covid-19 pandemic  , a revolutionary vision and a new paradigm in the process of healing mankind has begun , Homoeopathy is now perceived as an advanced medical science than merely as a complementary and alternative medicine.

 Under the able leadership of shri Narendra Modi Ji  Ayushman Bharat  Yojna  is facilitating  AYUSH system of medicine way forward  as Holistic health and revitalizing the scientificity of Homeopathy. 


It’s  an honor and a privilege for compiling the report under the able  guidance of

Dr. M A.Roa ji   Immediate National past President and Chief Advisor to this Seminar

  Dr syed Tanvir Hussain ji National President IIHP , 

Dr. Sudhanshu  Arya Ji National Secretary General IIHP 

Dr. Mahesh Pagadala  Ji National Finance Secretary IIHP

                                                             Dr  Nayeem  Unnisa Begum.


Professor  & Head , in practice of Medicine

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