Cocculus and its respiratory symptoms - Dr. Abdequaem MH Chimthanawala

Coccus Cacti and Its Respiratory Symptoms – Dr. Abdequaem MH Chimthanawala

COCCUS CACTI is an insect infesting the cactus plant. The tincture is prepared from the dried bodies of the female insects. It affects the MUCOUS MEMBRANES, causing catarrhal condition and irritation of throat, respiratory and genito-urinary organs. DISCHARGES ARE STRINGY; including haemorrhages, which are apt to be in large black clots. Intolerable internal itchings, burning like pepper. Pulsation in different organs. Sensation as of a fluid forcing its way during pain. Spasms. Uric acid; gouty, rheumatic diathesis. Anuria. Anasarca. Ascites. General lassitude. Tune in to the video to learn more about Coccus cacti along with differentiation with other remedies.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER- Dr. Abdequaem MH Chimthanawala is a Homoeopath in Sitabuldi, Nagpur and has an experience of 28 years in this field. Dr. Abdequaem MH Chimthanawala practices at Grace Healing Homoeopathy in Sitabuldi, Nagpur. He completed BHMS from Nagpur College Of Homoeopathy, Nagpur in 1994 and MD – Homeopathy from Foster Development Homeopathic Medical College in 2007. He is a member of JCI Nagpur MEDICO. Some of the services provided by the doctor are: Skin Disease Treatment,Infertility Evaluation / Treatment,Hair Loss Treatment,Acne / Pimples Treatment and Kidney Stone Treatment etc. As always, Homeopathy 360 has tried Connect Homoeopaths worldwide and Broadcast their Talent, aiming advancement of Homoeopathy as an evidence based science. Homeopathy 360 has been an Exceptional Education Hub for each generation of Homeopaths, whether an Academician, a Clinician or a Researcher. We organize every single information related to Homeopathy and make it universally accessible, making sure that we are the best at what we do!

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