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Natrum muriaticum—7th septemberof 1996 mrs. X had been sick over a week with intermittent fever , had been treated by a homoeopathic physician who last prescribed natrum mur 3 . I found the following symptoms present chill which previously came on at 4pm had that day come on at 1.30 pm . chill followed by fever and great internal heat , then sweat . severe headache over the eyes and in the occipital region . very dry lips and tongue with excessive thirst and drinking plenty of cold water , pains in the thighs hips and back . no appetite , vomiting , first of water then of bile tenderness and sensitiveness to pressure in the right hypocondrium , also during the apyrexia . swelling of both feet . lives in a very damp and low house . gave arsenicum album 200 two pellets dry and left another dose of the same to be taken on the following morning

September 8th 10 am –called patient feeling very much better than at any time , since she was taken sick , feels as though she would have no more chiils . all the symptoms including the swelling of the feet very much alleviated . at noon , same day her husband got drunk and shamefully treated her , which greatly shocked her system ; and the symptom returned with all their violence about 1.30 pm . I called the same night , closely reexamined her case and found that the head ache at the occiput seemed to painfully affect the eyes , that the hands and feet were icy cold during the chill . gave natrum 200 one powder dry , to be followed by another powder of the same on the following morning

Sept.9th –chill came on at the usual time, sensation of burning heat in the the feet . stop medicine

Sept.10th –all the symptoms less severe than on the day before

Sept.11th –better still ; much improved

Sept.12th – continued improvement

Sept. 13th chill very slight , only lasted a quarter of an hour

Sept.14th –no chill , all right , not even a trace of swelling in the feet is only feeling weak , with a little headache in the mornings

Sept.15th – saw my patient and she was feeling so much better that she expressed a desire to go to the fair on the next day

Now in regard to this case the following queries arise 1stly . if arsenicum was indicated at first , was the severe attack on the first day owing to the repetition of the dose just a few hours before the chill hour , was thouroughly wrong or did the moral shock from the husband’s behaviour suspend the action of remedy 2ndly supposing the action of arsenicum had been suspended , did natrum mur , restore the action  was this possible or was not natrum mur the remedy . all true homoeipathician know that if the action of a remedy is interrupted or suspend in the course of treatment , it is necessary befire exhibiting the same medicine again either to give an intercurrent remedy or if the former be still indicated to administer in a potency

Case 2nd —–9th sept. 1996 2pm mrs y had sffered from certain intermittent fever for two weeks . chill came on at 10am followed by heat and fever then sweat . great thirst during all the stages . natrum mur . two pellets dry , to be followed another dose of the same on going to bed cured the chill never returned ; but the day after taking the medicine , a beautiful crop of pearly hydroa appeared on the upper lip

Our friends must remember , however that the useful sphere of table salt is not limited to intermittent fevers as the following case will help to intermittent fevers as the following case will help to prove in april 1997 a young man x  who had just partially recovered from an attack of fever and ague the fevers of that country seem to have their origin , chiefly in a disturbance of the lymphatic glandular system . after pulling of the boots and shockings and walking on a cold pavement or exposing the feet to damp , the patient is usully seized with a painful streak of inflammation up the leg or thigh , swelling of the inguinal glands and often swellings of the leg about an ankle . other circumstances may produce a similar affection of the arm , with swelling of the axillary glands . these symptoms are attended with a general feeling of malaise , next come the chill , fever sweat varying in order , intensity and complications in different individuals according to their constitutional peculiariaties . the swelling in the leg often remain for life and seems to run hereditarily in some families . the subject of what is known as barbodas leg –elephantasis appear to be those who have been old fever and ague subjects

This young man now complained of great stiffness and pain in the bend of one knee , he could not stritghen out his leg . on examination , I found the popliteal space high inflamed and the ham strings paifully contracted

Remebering this prominent symptom of natrum mur , I gave him some globules the 30th potency I had at that time dissolved in water directed a teaspoonful every morning for four days and told him he might frequently wet the affected part with a solution of common salt and water or apply a bit of dry cotton matting . he commenced taking my medicine on the first day of my visit and did not use the salt and water before next morning , when he woke and found that he could move the leg better and better , till at the expiration of a week I found my patient laboring like an able bodied man , in his allopathic physician had given him very poor hope of over regaining the proper use of the leg , stating at the same time that he might recover from it in about three months

September 7th of 1996 mrs y aged 30 married had had two children , both dead . this patient was under treatment for excessive inflammation and swelling of the right ovary which I cured with apis , complained to me one day during treatment of nightly aggravation of her symptoms and profuse night sweats , from which later she had been suffering for several weeks . I hastily prescribed a powder of syphilinum cm to be taken at bed time and followed by another in two or three hours if still awake she said she slept like a top that night and never had a night sweat since

I have never a proving of syphillinum , but if syphilis finds its similinum in mercury , must find their similinum , and we know that knight sweats and sweat which does not relieve other the other symptoms are characterstic of mercurrius .



I succeeded two years ago in curing a of this painful with lycopodium partially relieved her with rhus tox , chamomilla and other remedies which I do not now remember but the paraxysims to which she had been subject to for years would return . the condition when the lycopodium was given that the pain was very much aggravated by any pressure upon the affected side , either by sitting or especially by lying upon it . it was the right side . the patient complained that when lying upon the affected side , either it seemed as though the pain and sore or hurt feeling or hurt feeling was deep in the joint . the pains when not lying on the side always ran down from the hip to the part on the outside of the leg , phytolacca  was prescribed on this indication with only little if any relief . when the patient mentioned this symptom of the deep seated pains in the joint , it called to my mind that I had read in a society discussion some where that lippe said lycopodium affected affacted the ends of the bone and might it not be that there was an inflammation in the head of the femur . acting on this as a sort of guiding symptom , I found again reviewing the case in its past history that she had at times suffered from rheumatic soreness in her ankles , so that I was enabled to see quite a  number of lycopodium symptoms in my case . under this remedy in this very high potency she made a rapid and full recovery and has no return of the trouble

Question; was this sciatica ?


mrs. G young married lady , seven months pregnant with first child , slender build and thigh , intolerable when standing , as if the thigh would break , , blue eyes , dark brown hair . This was was a case that I had prescribed for several times . the trouble was on the right side . the pain ran from the hip down the outside of the thigh or at times she said it was more towards the back side of the thogh . Finally the symptom out that she was sore when straightening out the limb , especially in standing , but could stand at her work with comparative comfort , if she stood with the foot of the affected side upon a chair . Herring’s condenced material medica has pain in the hip and thigh , intolerable when standing as if the thigh would break . ichias , valeriana 12 cured promptly and permanently

3] eyelids ulcerated and covered with styes and nodosytes , till they looked like a mass of corruption , many sore places and ulcerated spots on face , staphisagria 200 cured

4] pruritis vulvae during pregnancy eruption vesicular , itching, intolerable at night in warm bed ; cold water applications alone enabled her to sleep . merc sol 6 relieved temporarily cured .

5] chronic painful urination ; parts so sore that she could hardly walk , sarsaparilla 200 cured

6] frequent desire to urinate has it passes it often day and night , it pesses him so , sarasaparilla 200 cured

7] antium crudum is indicated in remittent fever by by the following symptoms ;- child delirioss, drowsy with nausea , hot and red face , tongue very white , great thirst especially at night , aversion to be bathed or touched or looked at , fretful and peevish ; it also cures toothache in decayed teeth , worse at nights , pain in stomach , with nausea after overloading

8] ant.tartum cured a very severe cholera morbus , charecterised by vomiting of food , with great effort , followed by debility chilliness and sleepiness also intermittent with short chill and long heat with grear somnolency and pale face

9] indications for silic in infantile diarrhorea are child takes food well , but it passes undigested and child gets emaciated , this may alternate with loss of appetite and vomiting of every thing taken , head sweats , sometimes cold , cold often cold sweat on feat and leg stools liquid , slmy , frothy , or mucus , generally fetid

10] mr. x has been ill for years great distress from one to three hours after eating much acidity , heart burn and eructations wind , feels hungry , but a little food fills him up and distresses him , constipated , stools small and unsatisfactory much palpitation after meals , says he knows he has heart disease , has lost weight , looks pale , and is very much discouraged , lycopodium 200 to 6M much relieved him , then he had great swelling pain , then he had great swelling pain , soreness and stiffness in knee –which could not raise his foot enough to walk rough ground , that would catch his toe and would fall ; much pain , soreness and tenderness in renal region , so that any jarring motion , such as riding in a wagon or jumping from the same is intolerable , after riding much pain and great sense of weakness trembling in renal region , urine very slow to flow and much pain and pressure in region bladderberberis cured

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