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Homoeopathy in Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the most serious disorders prevailing worldwide, which is a rapidly growing problem in developing nations are Cardiovascular diseases.  Nonetheless, cardiovascular diseases remain the most common causes of death and approximately one-fourth of these deaths are sudden, the symptoms caused by cardiovascular disease result most commonly from myocardial ischemia and manifest most frequently as chest pain or chest discomfort. Whether heart disease is responsible for this symptom can be determined by carrying out a careful clinical examination supplemented by non-invasive investigations like electrocardiography at rest or during exercise, echocardiography, x-ray and other forms of myocardial imaging, followed by blood tests to assess risk e.g. lipid profile or cardiac function e.g. cardiac biomarkers. This will not only help in establishing a correct and complete cardiac diagnosis but will also play an important role in deciding the management strategy for a patient with a symptom of chest pain.
The comprehensive clinical education and training and integrated approach is an essential requirement of homoeopathic education. The three modules on ‘Homoeopathy in Cardiovascular Diseases’ is based on the above thinking.
This course of Homoeopathy in cardiovascular diseases is one of the examples of the clinical presentation of chest pain which is the most frequent encounter in our clinical practice.

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