Cardiovascular disease definition, symptoms, causes, treatment with homeopathy

The Gist Of Cardiovascular Diseases And Homoeopathy


1)Congenital Heart disease : Present since birth
▪︎Septal defect : Hole between 2 chambers of heart
▪︎Obstruction defect : flow through chambers is partially or totally block
▪︎Cyanotic defect : Defects in heart causes shortage of o2 around the body

2) Arrhythmia : Irregular heartbeats . It occur when electrical impulses in the heart that coordinate the heartbeat do not work properly.

3) Coronary artery disease : Coronary artery become diseased due to plaque deposits that contain cholesterol

4) Dilated cardiomyopathy : The chambers of heart become dilated as a result of heart muscle weakness . This usually affected left ventricle.

5) Myocardial infarction[Heart attack , cardiac infarction] : In myocardial infarction the blood flow is interrupted that damages the heart muscles

6) Heart Failure : It occurs when heart dose not pump blood around the body efficiently

7) Mitral Regurgitation[Mitral insufficiency] : In this condition mitral valve does not close tightly enough

8) Pulmonary stenosis : It becomes hard for the heart to pump blood from the right ventricle into pulmonary artery because of pulmonary valve is too tight


1) Digitalis: Pulse is weak irregular , intermittent , abnormally slow
▪︎Weakness & dilatation of myocardium
▪︎Cardiac muscular failure when asystole is present
▪︎The least movement causes violent palpitation & SENSATION AS IF IT WOULD CEASE BEATING , IF HE MOVES
▪︎Extremely slow pulse
▪︎Sudden sensation as if heart stood still
▪︎Cardiac failure following fever
▪︎Concomitants :
• Extreme prostration
•Sudden flush of heat followed by nervous weakness

2) Cactus G:
▪︎CONSTRICTIONS of the heart as of an IRON BAND
▪︎Palpitation : day and night
after rest ,fresh open air
▪︎Pains in the apex of heart ; shooting down to left arm & to the end of fingers
▪︎Tobacco heart

3) Naja: The action of cobra poison settles around the heart
▪︎DRAGGING & anxiety in praecordia
Feeling of weight on heart
▪︎Angina pains extending to nape of neck , left shoulder and arm with anxiety and fear of death
▪︎Pain < after riding in carriage

4) Aurum metallicum:
▪︎Great desire to COMMIT SUICIDE
▪︎Sensation as if the heart stopped beating for 2 or 3 seconds , followed by tumultuous rebound with sinking at the epigastrium
▪︎Pluse rapid , feeble , irregular
▪︎Palpitation compels him to stop
▪︎High blood pressure

5) Lachesis:
▪︎Palpitation with fainting spells , especially during climacteric
▪︎Constricted feeling causing palpitation with anxiety
▪︎Irregular beats
▪︎Heart feels too large for the cavity ; can not bear pressure on throat or chest

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[4th year BHMS at Ahmedabad homoeopathic medical college] ▪︎Guided by : Dr. Ratna Bhatt

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