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Book Review by Dr Yamini Ramesh on The Prescriber homeopathic books

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Content of the book –This book is divided into 5 parts.

In first 4 parts Clarke describes about

  1. How to practice homoeopathy – Note to readers
  2. Case taking – General guidelines where he also shares a format of case taking.
  3. The plan of the prescriber and how to use it- detailed description of how one should use the book.
  4. List of remedies

& Finally

  • The prescriber- therapeutics part.

It is a perfect combination of bedside prescriber Materia medica and a book which has minor part of organon where the author talks about case taking and questions. It contains remedies with dosage and one of the best books to understand therapeutics.

Overall it is a very useful book for clinicians who have less time for prescribing or who wants to handle multiples cases in a short time. It is the book to be used once you know basics of materia medica, clinical knowledge of diseases and basic organon.

Special feature – Clarke has mentioned about diseases of tropical countries & added few things specially for Indian readers &britons who lived in such places. Its basically a book of therapeutics with mention of many clinical conditions.  Clarke has added suggestions received from his friends also.

The prescriber deals with treatment and it tells you minute particulars for ready application to any case of any disease.

It is one of the gems by Clarke and extremely useful book for practitioners.

About the Book:

Book – The Prescriber (Third Edition)

Author – J H Clarke

Publishers – B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd.

Year of publication – 2019

First edition – 1885 (updated in 1925)

Third edition – 2006, third impression – 2019

Pages – 346

About the author – Dr Clarke (1853 – 1931) was one of the most eminent homoeopaths of England. He practiced at Bolton Street, piccadilly, located in London. He was a consulting physician to the London Homoeopathic hospital. He was the editor of the “Homoeopathic world” for twenty-nine years. He was a prodigious worker as his published works testify. His priceless contributions include: The dictionary of practical Materia medica, Dictionary of the Domestic Medicine, Gun powder as war Remedy, Homoeopathy Explained and many more.

About the reviewer – Dr Yamini Ramesh (BHMS, CCAH, FCAH) is Homoeopathic consultant & teacher since last 14 years. Dr Yamini is a cofounder of Asha Homeopathic Academy India where she teaches many homoeopaths through online and offline courses. She brings many innovative courses for students periodically.

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