Best inspirational homeopathic books for women breast cancer patients treatment

Best inspirational homeopathic books for women breast cancer patients treatment

Best books for breast cancer patients

Title: Homoeopathy: Curative, Concurrent & Supportive Potential in Breast Cancer

ISBN: 9788131907962

Language: English

Format: Paperback

Imprint:  B.Jain Regular

Pages:   220

Author: Dr Purnima Shukla

A Valuable addition to the evidence based literature of homoeopathy, this book delivers quite emphatically strong evidence in support of the vast potential that Homoeopathy has, to manage cases of the deadly breast cancer. This book is a publication of the research work conducted by Dr. Purnima Shukla. The research clearly shows how homoeopathy can be used curatively in less advanced cases, as an add-on to the conventional therapy in advanced cases and as palliative in terminal cases of breast carcinoma. The author has attempted to include current and clinically useful information to enable this book to cater to the needs of homoeopathy students and professionals alike and endeavored to show the strikingly better outcomes of advanced breast cancer cases who were given homoeopathy alongside conventional treatment in comparison to those who did not receive it.

Key Features:
. Compilation of primary data on the potential of homoeopathy as a curative and supportive therapy.
. Informs the reader about the homoeopathic management of breast cancer giving key indications of the common and rare homoeopathic remedies in breast cancer
. Delivers information on the latest diagnostic tools and investigations required for early identification of breast cancer.
. Illustrates the scope Of similar studies in future to further the prospects of homoeopathy in treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Purnima Shukla, presently working as consultant (H) in H.T. C., Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi, is a graduate from National Homoeopathic Medical College, Lucknow, M.D. & Ph.D.(Homoeo) from Jaipur Homoeopathy University & M.B.A. in health care administration from F.M.S. Delhi University with experience of more than 39 years in classical homoeopathy.

She has unquenchable thirst for research in the specified field of female diseases including breast ailments which are well reflected by her more than 35 research presentations and publications. She travelled more than 20 countries & delivered guest lectures for upliftment of evidence based research work in Homeopathy. She has participated in various National & International conferences and CMEs, and chaired the sessions in India and abroad…   Read More About the Author

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 14 reviews
 by Dr Ishan Tomar
informative and empowering

This book is very informative and empowering and I would urge you to read it if you are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a valuable resource for any female on a healing journey

 by Dr.Kriti Singhal
Good book

I appreciate the balanced approach this book has towards breast cancer. It is one of the best inspirational books for breast cancer patients.The author has provided insights into managing breast cancer with a holistic mindset.

 by Dr.Manohar Verma
nice book

The author has beautifully cross-linked homeopathic principles with breast cancer condition. Being a homeopath, I appreciate the efforts of Dr.Purnima Shukla who has helped us to understand the homeopathic principles as guide in managing breast cancer.

 by Katy Patterson
nice book

Very comprehensive and accessible ! One can read it if they want to explore about different treatment methods for breast cancers.

 by Dr.Kaant Srivastava
fantastic new release

This book is a fantastic new release on breast cancer. It a must read for all the homeopathic clinicians and doctors who want to expand their knowledge in the field of breast cancer.

 by Prof.Sridutt Sharma
good book

I found this homoeopathy book online which focuses on supportive therapy in advanced cases of breast carcinoma. I will definitely recommend this book to all the homoeopathic students and doctors for a deeper knowledge on the topic

 by Anandita Gupta
good to go book

This book has clarity and compassion towards homoeopathic principles in the management of breast cancers. A must go for all the readers who have interest in homeopathy.

 by Dr.Seema Kumari

The author is very much specific for what she has explained in the book. She has elaborated her research work in the treatment of less advanced cases of breast cancers. She has also shed lights on the potential of homoeopathy towards palliation in advanced and terminal cases of breast carcinoma.

 by Mamta Chaand
good for homeopaths

This book is one of the most inspirational books a woman must read if she is living her last moments of life due to breast cancer. Good to go book.

 by Dr.Prakhar Das
good for homeopathy

The author has combined her homoepathic insights with the conventional knowledge to provide better understanding for the treatment of breast cancers.

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