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Homoeopathic Remedy For Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition affecting approximately one person in fifty . It causes raised red scaly patches which affect both sides of the body . Lesions are common on the elbows and knees but can occur on all parts of the body including the scalp . Sometimes the lesions are small and circular , others will join up together to form plaques . the nails of the hands and feet are also affected leading to pitting and thickening . one in 20 suffers will develop arthritis , which is similar to rheumatoid arthritis ,psoriasis develops in fair skinned people and is usually linked to young adults ,but children can also develop psoriasis following a sore throat ,when examined under a microscope . The lesions appear to affect the small blood vessels , firstly as swelling and then as rapidly growing skin cells .

CAUSES :No cause has been identified but the following factors are felt to be important . Heredity –it does occur in families .

Stress is considered to be an important factor in causing relapses .Certain infections and drugs have been known to precipitate an attack . Diet is not thought to be a major factor . although alcohol does affect the condition .

SYMPTOMS :Apart from the un sightedness which may be distressful , there are few other symptoms :Itchiness is not uncommon in 20 % of sufferers . Scaliness of the scalp can give rise to troublesome ‘dandruff “pitting nails do not hurt ,but it can lead to permanent damage . Arthritis (when it occurs )can be very painful and disabling ,involving all joints of the body .


As so little is known about psoriasis it is difficult give advise ,certainly regarding prevention once the condition has been diagnosed ,those factors known to . exacerbate it need to be managed and controlled ,primarily . This involves reduction in alcohol consumption and reducing stress . If this is an important factor ,certainly relaxation classes . Autogenic training and what is termed ,tertiary prevention (reducing the impact of the diseases on the individual )through counseling have

Proved effective ,not so much in reducing the condition but in making it seem less of a problem .

For people to deal with alternative therapies have not proved any more successful at treating psoriasis than conventional medicine and it is important to seek medical advise for it before embarking on any of the suggestions . The general reduction in stress that comes about from visiting a natural health center or spa my be an important factor in helping patients to improve .


Successful treatment of psoriasis ,homoeopathic remedies are worth trying . “Psorinum,Graphities,Sulphur,and Petrolium “are all remedies are worth trying . they are prescribed depending on symptom pattern ,distribution of lesions and past history of relapses ,homoeopaths will often want you to stop Hydrocortisone ointments that have been prescribed by a doctor ,which may actually make the lesions worse . This worsening may also be an indication of “aggravation “a common response in several alternative therapies (the condition gets worse for a white before it gets better ). This pattern of response is fairly common in homoeopathy and it is important to consult an expert practitioner and follow his or her advise ,that diet does play an important part in psoriasis and you may be asked to change to a raw food diet and cut out daily products as well as meat and fried food ,in addition ,vitamin supplements (vitamin B complex)might be prescribed .psoriasis is a chronic skin complaints in which red areas covered with scales develop . It is to be found most frequently on the knees and elbows . If the scales are scraped off they produce a shiny silver sheen which is absolutely typical of this disease . Although these medicines listed below are perfectly satisfactory for immediate treatment ,longer term constitutional treatment from a homoeopathic doctor will almost certainly be required to improve the condition .


Psoriasis with itching and burning and it is worse for cold and scratching . skin is dry ,rough ,and scaly. –“Arsenicum album “

Dry ,scaly, itchy skin scales peel off easily ,leaving a raw surface exposed . Psoriasis that often occurs in emaciated and elderly women—“Arsenicum Iodatum “.

Pimply ,rough ,scaly skin ,eruption appears on scalp and extends to face and neck –“Berberis aqua folium “

Skin is unhealthy and any injury suppurates easily . psoriasis is better in cold weather –“Borax “

There is dry ,scaly eruptions . Especially around eyes and ears –“Chrysarobinum                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Rough thickened skin which may crack . finger nails and toe nails are also affected ,much worse in winter –“Petroleum “

Yellowish brown spots appear on the skin .itching and rawness—‘Sepia “

Often helpful for longstanding psoriasis of over weight ,skin is dry and the hands and feet are cold –‘Thyroidinum “

Red spots after abuse of mercury –“sarasaparilla “

Patches numerous ,with itching patches scale off and are replaced by smaller ,leave beneath them a red skin –“Kali ars. “

Head eruption ,psoriasis , head covered with inflammatory scaly eruption (child )—“Ars.Iod.

Eye supraorbital eruption psoriasis in eye brows –“phosphurus “

Patches irregular with shining scales edges slightly raised –“Iris. Vercicular .

Scales shining white adhesive , looking like stearine –“Sepia “

Respiration :Asthma alternates with psoriasis –“Sulphur “

Eruptions black patches ,size of a crown ,and indolent –“Kali. Ars.

Chronic psoriasis especially on dorsal –‘Rhus tox “

Eruptions ,rash irritating from contact with coarse shirt ,patches like linen in some parts in others a linear appearance .—“Sulphur “

Eruptions covering a surface about 2 inches long and one inch wide ,hard hypertrophied and covered with thick whitish scales –“Merc.V.”

Foot and soles ,knee ,leg,–“Phosphorus “

Psoriasis palmaris affecting whole palm petro itching making it impossible to do work –“Petroleum “

Face eruption ,herpes, rough ,partly reddish partly whitish lettery spots on left check bone psoriasis –‘Mercurius “                                                                                                                 

Eruption on chin circular spots –“Sepia “

Inveterate itching arm after scratching relief followed by burning and at times bleeding –“Sulphur “

Some times fissured and bleeding –‘Lycopodium “

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