Best Book on Homeopathy Facial Analysis by Grant Bentley

Best Book on Homeopathy Facial Analysis by Grant Bentley

This book contains the history and development of the HFA method and teaching tools to aid the Homeopath in learning and utilizing these concepts. Facial feature identification can be incorporated into any classical Hahnemannian case-taking method.

This book Includes miasms, their definitions and their usage in the clinical practice.

• Facial features of different miasms with illustration and real picture.

• Contains hundreds of photos and sketches with detailed parameters for use in the miasmatic analysis of faces.

• The complete guide to facial analysis and to make an accurate miasmatic diagnosis before a remedy is chosen.

• Supports classical homeopathic principles-miasm, totality and repertorisation for every chronic illness Extending on Hahnemann’s original idea of three primary miasms, Facial Analysis and Homeopathy details the development of the complex miasms – Tubercular, Syco- Psoric, Syco-Syphilitic and Cancer, as well as the three primary miasms.

The author discusses how each miasm will dominate physical structure, pathology and mental outlook. Recognizing the lifetime influence of a miasm helps to explain the events and circumstances that surround us.

Understanding that every individual is dominated by one of the miasms, facial features have been identified and matched to each group as part of a ten year research project run by the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy.

Recognition of these miasmatic features forms the basis of the clinical diagnostic method Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) that enables a practitioner to recognize the dominant miasm of every patient.

Facial Analysis and Homeopathy contains a step by step guide to learning how to analyses facial features with patient photos, Facial Analysis and Homeopathy teaching sketches and charts.

 It includes the major polychrest remedies and their miasmatic allocation via the HFA method.

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