Anand Homeopathy Doctor Receives Patent for New Drug Delivery System

Anand Homeopathy Doctor Receives Patent for New Drug Delivery System

Vadodara: An invention that can potentially replace the traditional way of popping homeopathic medicines  has bagged a patent  from the Government of India  Dr Anshul Shah, the medical superintendent at Anand Homeopathic Hospital, had developed – Sureshots Nano – as a new drug delivery system  to infuse single homeopathic medicine.

Instead of the conventional globules which are sprinkled with indicated medicines, this invention is administrated in the form of mist spray that claims to enhance the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in a short span and speed up the recovery of patients.

What’s more, it’s diabetic-friendly too for those who find the pills too sweet! “The spray is very easy to use. It can be taken orally, on the skin, or through the nasal route as per the doctor’s advice,” said Shah, who had applied for the patent in 2021.

“Clinical trials on more than 250-odd patients were conducted to extensively test and prove the efficacy of this new formulation,” he said.

Trials have shown promising results when the mist spray is applied as a nasal spray in cases of nasal polyps (better known as sinuses), and when applied as a skin spray in cases of vitiligo or even urticaria (itchy bumps on skin).

“According to the principles of homeopathy, a physician can cure very old disease by applying medicine which is otherwise given internally by giving it externally, rubbing it in the back, arms or extremities. There are more than 3,000 homeopathic medicines available in India with various potencies so that they can be taken internally,” he said.

“The new technique is a boon for the patients suffering from conditions where any of the available medicine can be used interchangeably through the oral, skin, or nasal route,” he said.

Homeopathic medicine manufacturers can now explore the commercial production of the new drug delivery system as the patent has been granted.

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