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Ambrosia in Allergy

Allergy word come from the word ‘allos’ and ‘eargen’. Meaning of allergy is altered reaction. Allergen is that things which causes allergy. So according to Dr. Dhiraj Nanda ‘Allergy is an altered tissue reaction shown by an allergic patient whenever he comes in contact with the allergens’.
Allergist defines allergy as a specific immune response in which various mechanisms provoke the interaction of chemical mediators leading to clinical symptoms.
Cuteneous allergen, Inhaled allergen. Troph allergen, Allergens of animal origin, Allergens of plant origin, chemical, Microbial, Mycotic, parasitic, indoor allergen, outdoor allergen.
Clinical features:
Allergies cause a variety of symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, Redness itching, rashes, swelling or oedema, spasm or asthma. Allergies can be from minor to severe. Anaphylaxis is a severe life-threatening reaction.
Factors favoring allergy :
Altitude, Environmental Pollution, food habits, Nutritional factors, medicines, Weather.
Skin prick test, Patch test, intra dermal test, Mucus membrane test, challenge test.

At The mid September evening a patient age Of 8 years came to me with her mother . The child had a severe running nose along with sneezing which starts 3 days ago. Nose become red due to continuous rubbing . Watery discharge from the eyes along with sneezing. slight cough with watery mucus discharge from mouth.
Eyes: As if eyes are burning with itching in the upper eyelids.
Throat: sensation as if throat has been scraped by something so it is difficult to swallow either liquid or solid.
While talking, her mother told me that they have a small garden and her baby girl spent most of the time in the garden. It is autumn time and the time for pollination so it may be a pollen allergy. for assurance i asked mother if baby has an allergy to pollen, dust ,cotton etc. Mother told me that baby has pollen allergy. The philosophy of kent ‘s evaluation of symptoms and it’s particular symptom theory show me the prescription. There was itching on the upper eyelids, Scratching sensation in throat, pollen allergy, So i prescribed Ambrosia artemisiaefolia medicine 30, 2 dose per day for 3 days. Ambrosia is a good medicine for autumnal hay fever.

Result :

After 3 days patient came with a smiley face. Sneezing stopped, lacrimation stopped patient can swallow food and liquid. Only itching in the eyelids are present but less.
So I Prescribed placebo for next 5 days .Her mother came after 5 days and reported that her child was fine. I advised the baby for skin allergy test.


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Dr Monimala Pramanick M.D.(Hom.)
Lecturer of Homoeopathy Pharmacy Department
Noble Homoeopathic college and research institute Junagadh Gujarat

About the author

Dr Monimala pramanick

Lecturer in Homoeopathy Pharmacy at
Naiminath Homoeopathic medical college