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PROVER– Dr. Hahnemann
1. CONFUSION OF IDENTITY, AS TO HIS IDENTITY- the alumina person’s identity has been so much suppressed that he does not know that “WHO HE IS ANYMORE”,”WHO AM I”. the situation of alumina may arise as for eg; from a conflict between parent and child where the child is not being given an identity whatever the child does, they say no not this, his individuality and identity has been broken down then comes despair” I don’t know what to do? I don’t know what I am? Who I am? I don’t know what I wantto be? I am so small? So timid and completely dependant on the parent.
2. DELLUSION- head belongs to other, thinks his mind is someone else, sense of self has gone, the patient does not even know to whom his head belongs he feels as if somebodyelse thinks for him and he cant think for himself, he feels as if someone else heard or said something, his real identity is being suppressed is being pushed in so that he has to mould him self according to what other people want
5. Alumina patient seems to need a slow, constant life style he can not tolerate pressure especially time pressure, if allowed to work at a slow pace he is competent worker but by some one asked him to complete in 3 min a great commotion will follow he loses all sense of organization. Even though he physically and mentally capable of accomplishing all the necessary task within 15 min the sense of being pressures causes him to lose any ability of functioning effectively.
6. Lack of clarity , ideas are very vague and hazy like undefined shadow, patient feels difficulty in expressing- what is happening, mental haziness and dullness of thinking.
7. Both expressiveness and aluminating process seems to held back, the patient gives impression of being very closed and self protective, he seems unwillingly or often unable to bring forth his thoughts and emotions.
8. Alumina patient marked dullness and slow comprehension during the interview the patient gives information very slowly and in vague hazy terms. He struggles to find words to describe himself or he struggles to comprehend what has happened to him. He rubs his forehead straining to answer enen the simplest question
9. INABILITY TO FOLLOW A TRIAN OF THOUGHTS MAKES MISTAKES IN WRITING AND SPEAKING, internal hastiness but slow on execution hence makes mistakes in speaking and writing or mistaking in speaking or using words not intended.
10. Takes hold of the intellect and so confuses the intelligence that the patient is unable to effect a decision
11. The judgement is disturbed , unable to think straight, hesitating as she speaks, struggling to find the right word. Making clear thinking impossible has to make list in order to remind herself what she was supposed to be doing because her mind would often go blank leaving her disoriented when she switched back on.
12. TIME PASSES TOO SLOWLY AN HOUR SEEMS HALF A DAY. Low spirited , trifling thing appeared insurmountable( too difficult to deal with)
13. FEAR OF MAKING WRONG DECISION feels that she cannot think straight, her external life will collapse, she will rely heavily upon parent or partner to make decision for her she will be aware that this is unhealthy but she cannot help herself.
15. Impulse to kill herself when she sees a knife or other sharp object
16. Disturbance and confusion of the sphere of the ability to form ideas and decision is characterizes through the restrained or imagination on this basis arises the impulse for murder. Eg- at the sight of knife or blood.
17. VIOLENCE- it is useful when there is mental confusion with violent thoughts and impulse, alumina feels violent at times towards herself and at other times towards those around her. Sudden bouts of rage although often she will not take out her rage on others but slams door, smashes things or curse out loudly. Sensation or feel chopping off the head of her child or husband, violent thoughts always involved cutting. The patient is sensitive has enough self control to resist her impulses but that cause her a great deal of distress.
18. SPHERE OF ACTION- alumina has 2 special centre action mucous membrane A) alumina acts upon the mucus membrane of colon and rectum producing great dryness and that’s why obstinate constipation. B) ACTS UPON THE MUCUS MEMBRANE OF THE UTERUS AND VAGINA PRODUCING CONGESTION FOLLOWED BY COPIOUS LEUCORRHOEA.

MEDICINE FOR BUBO ( AN INFLAMMATORY SWELLIING OF LYMPHATIC GLANDS ESP. IN THE GROIN), CHLOROSIS, CONSTIPATION ( constipation of nursing infant and constipation during pregnancy ), leucorrhoea, locomotarataxia< person affected with this dz may way in a jerky manner it is caused by degeneration of the post coloumn of posterior nares, ozaena, paralysis, rhagades ( cracks or fissures) , strabismus and tetters.

1) IT IS A GREAT ANTI- PSORIC SUITED TO OLD AND EMACIATED CONSTITUTION AND TO YOUNG GIRLS, at puberty suffering from chlorosis also a weak undeveloped infant raised on artificial food and lacking in strength and vitality.
2) Most of the complaints are aggravated on rising in the morning.
3) In morning when awakening as if depressed by sorrow without clear consciousness . he wakes up confused and wonders where he is, he has to put his mind or things to ascertain whether they be so or not, as to how things should look and wonders whether he is at home or in some other place.
4) Mental sluggishness all of his senses are impaired, impression reach his mind as a marked degree of slowness, the conductivity of the nerves is impaired so that a prick of a pin upon the extremity is not felt until a second and so afterwsards.
5) Paralysis of involuntary ms. The paralytic state begin as a sort of semi- paralysis for a long time as a imactivity which ends in complete paralutic condition. The paralytic state is observed in various part esp. bladder and rectum.
6) BLADDER- the urine is slow to start and slow to flow and sometimes only dribble, the patient will sayshe cannot hurry the flow of urine.
7) RECTUM- the tone is lost and there is inability to perform the ordinary straining when setting at stool, it is so paretic that the rectum is fell and distended. The stool is soft then also there is constipation.
8) CONSTIPATION- no desire for and no ability to pass stool until there is a large accumulation. GREAT STRAINING MUST GRASP THE SEAT OF CLOSET TIGHTLY STOOL HARD, KNOTTY LIKE LAUREL BERRIES, COVERD WITH MUCUS, SOFT, CLAYEY, ADHERING TO PASS INACTIVITY OF RECTUM , EVEN SOFT STOOL REQUIRES GREAT STRAINING. Constipation of nursing children, from artificial food, bottle fed babies, of old people, of pregnancy, from inactive rectum with soft stool.
9) WEAKNESS OF THE MUSCLE, weakness over the whole body, there is difficulty in swallowing due to paralytic condition of oesophagus, difficulty in raising or moving the arm due to paralysis of one side of the body, paralysis of muscle of the lower extremities of the bladder and rectum.
10) Alumina corresponds to the constitution that may be called psoric—old broken down constitution, feeble constitution, scrophulous constitution such as are inclined to tubercle a catarrhal affection.
11) A prominent characteristic is that A PERSON MUST STRAIN AT STOOL IN ORDER TO URINATE.
12) Abnormal appetite, craving for starch, chalk, charcoal, cloves, coffee or tea grounds acids and indigestible thingscannot digest fibrinicious food cannot eat potatoes or disagree.
13) LEUCORRHOEA- acris, profuse running down to the heels. The discharge is ropy tenacious and transparent.
15) LOCOMOTARATAXIA- it is the most useful remedy in this dz. Great heaviness in the lower limb can scarcely drag them while walking, stagger and has to sit down. Inability to walk in dark or closed eyes, vertigo when closing eyes and in dark, vertigo and fear of falling forward.
16) AGGRAVATION ON ALTERNATE DAYS- patient gets along nicely for a time then from no apparent cause gets worse for a time, then better and soon a relapse may be worse then the original illness, another relapse not so bad and so on with larger interval in between.
17) Alumina is one of the remedy in chlorotic condition, the patient is pale weak tired must sit down to rest
18) STRABISMUS OR SQUINT- paralytic action of alumina is seen in the loss or power of the interval rectus muscle, it causes strabismus

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