Alopecia Barbae: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments with homeopathic medicine

Alopecia Barbae: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments with homeopathic medicine


A Case of Alopecia Barbae Effectively Treated with A Minute Dose of Homoeopathic Medicine

Abstract : A male of 26 years of age resident of Panaji, Goa presented with complaints of a bald patch on his beard. Based on the presenting complaints, Arsenic album was prescribed which proved to be very effective in growing the hair back on the bald area with complete relief from accompanying symptoms. The patient attained complete cure within 1 month of Homoeopathic treatment.


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Alopecia Barbae or also known as Beard Alopecia is a type of Alopecia Areata that occurs on the facial hair in males. It is basically presented with small circular shaped patches on the beard. It is very similar to Alopecia Areata but the difference being that the patches appear on the beard instead of the scalp. It is an auto-immune condition, where the body attacks its own cells due to some error, causing patchy hair-loss. Alopecia Barbae can also result from fungal infection where it is termed as Tinea Barbae. Studies have shown contribution of certain factors like stress, environment, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes play a major role in promoting this condition. Other symptoms like mild itching, dryness and redness may also be seen accompanying the bald patch.

Alopecia can also affect the individuals mentally. It often leads to reduced self-esteem and sense of shame in the affected individuals.

Homoeopathy believes in treating the patients and not just the disease. The dynamic action of Homoeopathic medicines has the potential to totally eradicate the disease from its roots and bring about complete cure in the sick

Homoeopathy has seen lot of scope in skin disease ranging from Psoriasis, Eczema, Warts etc. It is the first line of treatment opted by people all around the world because of its gentle action and power of bringing cure in cases where other systems of medicine fail. Popular remedies like Sulphur, Phosphorus, Vinca Minor also has shown great results in treating cases of Alopecia effectively.

Case study : Presenting complaints

A 26-year-old male presented with complaint of loss of facial hair in a form of circular patch accompanied by intense itching, burning & stinging which aggravated on perspiration & scratching.

1. 04/12/2021 SKIN Beard Since 2 weeks Sudden onset & progression     Loss of facial hair Circular bald patch Itching2+ Burning Stinging           < perspiration < scratching          

History of presenting complaints

The patient was apparently well until last 2 weeks. In the past 2 weeks, the patient presented with complains of severe itching of skin all over the face over the beard. The itching was worse during perspiration. Gradually, the patient observed loss of hair in a form of circular patch on the face.

On observation

The patient appeared very restless accompanied by anxiety. He confessed his fear about the patches spreading all over the face and head. Also, he was constantly moving things kept on the doctor’s desk in an attempt to maintain symmetry.

Past History

He suffered from Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp which was cured by Homoeopathy

Personal History

Diet – Non-vegetarian  

Thirst: Thirsty; large quantity of water

Appetite: Good

Craving: Cold water++  

Bowelhabits: 1-2/day

Bladder Habits:5-6/day

Sleep: Sound

Dreams: Unremembered          

Perspiration: Scalp++, Face++, when anxious

Local Examination

Loss of facial hair in the form of circular patch


On the basis of examination and clinical presentation it was diagnosed as Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae

  • Loss of facial hair
  • Bald patches
  • Itching
  • Burning

Analysis & Evaluation of Symptoms

Restless Anxious Wants things in proper order       Craving: Cold water+2 Thirst: Thirsty for large quantity of water Perspiration: when anxious Loss of facial hair Circular bald patch Itching2+ < Perspiration Burning pain < Perspiration < Scratching

Repertorisation (Synthesis Repertory Mobile App)

Remedy selection

Arsenic Album was selected as the remedy based on his mentals, his physical generals and also his presenting complaints especially considering marked itching, burning. stinging of the affected part which was worse on scratching. I have always been of view that even in acute cases, mentals of the patient should not be overlooked.


  1. Arsenic Alb 1M
  2. 0-0-4
  3. Before sleep
  4. (Once a week)
  5. For 2weeks

Follow Up

18/12/2021 Circular bald patch – SAME Itching+ – REDUCED Burning – REDUCED Stinging – REDUCED   Rx Arsenic Alb (0) 4-4-4 For 2 weeks  
1/01/22 Circular bald patch – BETTER BY 50% Itching+ – REDUCED Burning – REDUCED Stinging – REDUCED   Rx Arsenic Alb (0) 4-4-4 For 2 weeks  
15/01/22 Circular bald patch – BETTER Itching+ – BETTER Burning – BETTER Stinging – BETTER   Rx Arsenic Alb (0) 4-4-4 For 1 weeks  

Before Treatment

After treatment


The patient presented with loss of facial hair in the form of circular patch with severe itching of skin under the facial hairs. The case was diagnosed as Alopecia Barbae. Arsenic album according to the totality of symptoms was prescribed. Arsenic album was selected as the remedy considering the patient has a whole, that is, his mental aspect as well as physical plane. The patient was completely cured within 3 follow-ups. This case proves the effectiveness of Homoeopathic medicine selected based on Law of Similia along with concept of infinitesimal dose as proposed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Also, this case has again proved that Homoeopathy as always has a great scope in curing some of the so-called incurable diseases.


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