Aarihant Homeopathic Medical College Professor Presents Research On Handling Head Injury Patients With Homeopathy

Aarihant Homeopathic Medical College Professor Presents Research On Handling Head Injury Patients With Homeopathy

Ahmedabad :  Dr Rajiv Peres, Assistant Professor at the Aarihant Homeopathic Medical College and Research Institute, affiliated with Swarrnim Startup and Innovation University, recently presented his research on handling trauma patients with acute head injury with homeopathic medicine. The research paper was presented at the National Homeopathic conference recently held in Belgavi in Karnataka. The conference was organised by KLE Homoeopathic Medical College in association with Karnataka Qualified Homoeopathic Doctors Association.

As part of his research presentation, Dr Rajiv Peres presented a series of cases with head injuries due to accident and trauma, being treated with acute homeopathic treatment. He established the role of homeopathic treatment in neurosurgery while handling a case at the Goa Medical College. Several different types of injuries to the head induced by trauma or accident were demonstrated. These include avulsion of the scalp and clots in the brain.

Explaining his body of work, Dr Peres said, “Road injuries lead to avulsion of the scalp of the skull, causing acute blood loss and thus underlining the need for immediate blood transfusion. Such patients often turn anemic and suffer from severe weakness, headache, and vertigo on standing, resulting in delaying hospital stay to about 10 days. However, we handled one such case with homeopathic treatment instead of allopathic treatment and reduced the hospitalisation to three days. In the concerned case, even blood transfusion could be avoided.”

Dr Peres demonstrated a total of four cases. Yet another case included one with minute clots in the brain. With the use of homeopathic treatment, semi-comatose patients’ blood clots were dissolved, and the patient was discharged within a week against 8 weeks of a typical hospital stay.

Another case also included concussion injury to the head, which often hinders normal body function. However, with homeopathic treatment, Dr Peres’ research proved that a patient could restore one’s normal bodily function much earlier.

Dr Rajiv’s scientific paper presentation bagged the second prize from among 47 other faculty presentations.

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