A reminder -B Jain Materia Medica quiz - 14th & 15th January

A reminder -B Jain Materia Medica quiz – 14th & 15th January

Materia Medica quiz

It is QUIZ TIME FOR ALL THE BHMS STUDENTS. Participate and get a chance to win Dr Nagendra Babu’s outstanding work – Introduction to Materia Medica, author’s second genius work after Organon book – Comprehensive Study of Organon.

Quiz Dates – 14th & 15th January

Tme – 10am (14th Jan.) to 10pm (15th Jan.)

Good News – We are sharing link for the quiz today but it will be active at 10 am on 14th of January-  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNaH1zb0Ku3xMyqqyNexo35idy0WA2DcDfgPymPVWKf1FDxA/viewform
Brief about the book –

This book is an attempt to clarify these doubts of a newcomer to homoeopathic materia medica as well as homoeopathy. This book no doubt will make an addition to the text books on homeopathic materia medica. Overview of various therapeutic Foreword medicinal systems creates a good platform to understand Homoeopathy and HMM as it helps to understand the basic philosophical differences and how they have evolved.

· A book with proper oriented medicines so that the further journey becomes fascinating and exciting in its comprehension and application.

· Gear up to learn topics from the pre homoeopathic era to basic concepts of Homoeopathy & Materia Medica.

· A model Drug picture is given to guide the beginners “How to study a Drug picture?”

· Decent collection of Modern scientific nomenclature of sources of drugs.

· A large collection of Drug names in Group study of Materia medica.

· Introduction to Bowel Nosodes, Bach flower remedies.

Thus this book is not another Materia Medica Book where every medicine is explained but it is a book on how the books of Materia Medica need to be understood and studied which become very essential for students of Homeopathy.

Good luck to all the BHMS Students.

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