A model for traditional management of hypothyroidism through homeopathy: a case report

A model for traditional management of hypothyroidism through homeopathy: a case report

Abstract: The following case study describes the positive outcome of homoeopathic treatment of the case of hypothyroidism in which in spite of taking allopathic medicines patient were not able to experience the feeling of wellbeing when homoeopathic medicines are given on the basis of symptom similarity, the dosage of allopathic medicine stopped gradually and patient experienced the feeling of wellbeing .

Keywords: hypothyroidism, Silicea terra.


Majorly hypothyroidism is the most typical endocrine disease. Moreover, identification and treatment of hypothyroidism is generally considered simple. But there are substantial numbers of people with this situation who are sub optimally cured. For the people who undergo the biochemical replacement of thyroid or levothyroxine from which remarkable proportion of the people who reported poor quality of life after the replacement despite all the test results are in the healthy reference range. Homoeopathic medicines which are selected through a constitutional approach  shows significant improvement in the case of hypothyroid, we found even we can cure the chronic non communicable disease in which patient get relief from conventional dosage of medicine. In this case will discuss about the historical treatment of hypothyroidism and current potential solution for the hypothyroidism and future possibilities with the case study.

In India, the most common cause of hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency and autoimmune thyroiditis and it remains the important cause. The most common clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain, tiredness, dry skin, cold intolerance, weakness of muscles, puffiness around the eyes, hoarse voice , poor memory, and constipation.

Remedies and different treatment of hypothyroidism

The pillar of allopathic structure of medicine is to artificially provide the thyroid hormones for the rest of the life of patients. Deficient hormones are supplied on the regular basis. This remedy of supplying thyroid hormones to patient on a regular basis possesses some disadvantages.  On the other hand it forces the patient for the regular dosage of the medicines for whole of their life. This is costly. Because taking a medicine for life long it will give the sense of illness.

There are many asserts when we talk about treatment of hypothyroidism, and the best option for it is homoeopathy. I confidently say based on my experience from past almost 10 years of homoeopathic practice that the best holistic therapy for hypothyroidism is homoeopathy. Homoeopathic medicines can amend the imbalance of thyroid hormones in a very gentle and precise manner. It permanently improves the functioning of the thyroid glands and once its is cured there is no need to take medicines and one can live their life medicine free.


A 50 years old female patient with medium built, dark complexion presented with the complaint of body pain, lethargy, puffiness of face which is aggravated in the evening and after eating since 3 years at that time she was diagnosed hypothyroidism and started allopathic medicine for that. She was taking thyronorm 100mcg since 3 years but in spite of that her TSH was 6.18 on 21.01.2017 it doesn’t resulted in desired relief .Since 3 years lethargy, body pain, dizziness esp in evening and which was aggravated after eating along with edema of all body occasionally. Her father suffered from Asthma and her mother suffered from hypothyroidism and asthma.

Patient came to my clinic with the laboratory reports and was under continued allopathic treatment for last 3 years but no major improvement .The patient’s condition was getting worse .Patient had a history of pneumonia, asthma cured by allopathic treatment and was operated for fistula in an in childhood and she had history of 7 abortions out of which 3 were induced, patient attended menopause one year ago.

Generalities included Tendency to catch cold, Coal dust causes breathing problem, thermal state is of chilly patient, bowels are constipated with hard stools, she has a craving for fish, pungent and spicy food.

Puffy look of face with a clean tongue.


 The patient had a hobby of reading self-help books, watching news and debate.

Since school days patient describes herself want of self-confidence, she had performance anxiety, initially was used to be ranker but due to lack of confidence she took literature, she is not much attached to the parents because the created much pressure for performance. She suffers from performance anxiety .Anxiety about illness, thinks of it to be serious.

Anger on trifles, regrets later.



1. Lack of confidence.

2. Stage fear.

3. Anxiety about health.

4. Asthma

5. Craving for fish.

6. Craving for spicy food.

7. Craving for pungent food.

8. Aggravation in the evening.

9. Family and past history of asthma.

10. Dullness.

11 .Asthma.

Remedy differentiation:

Based on the totality of symptoms, Silicea terra came out to be similimum remedy. Silicea terra  suited to dull patients with glandular affection ,want of confidence and chilly thermal state.SULPHUR is a hot remedy and the mental state of Sulphur is different similar with Phosphorus it does not have so much lack of the confidence ,so selected Silicea terra was selected .

Treatment Plan:

In March 2017,  she was prescribed Silicea terra 1M on basis of  her totality for 15 days.

Date Symptoms Improved Prescription
18.03.2017 30% better in puffiness, dullness started feeling energetic .Dose of thyronorm pill was reduced to 75mcg. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 15 days.
04.04.2017 Statuesque Silicea terra 1M/1 dose. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 15 days.
30.05.2017 50% better in the above complaints of dullness,puffiness and oedema and constipation. Dose of thyronorm reduced to 50 mcg. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 30 days.
26.08.2017 60% better in dullness,oedema and no colds since then .Dose of Thyronorm reduced to 25 mcg. Saccrum Lactis 30/TDS for 15 days
01.10.2017 Status quo Silicea terra 1M/1 dose. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 15 days
04.01.2018 More than 70% better in all the complaints. Active, Energetic, no Constipation. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 30 days.
31.03.2018 No complaints. TSH:0.992 Thyronorm stopped. Saccharum Lactis 30/TDS for 30 days.

REPORT 1: Before Treatment

REPORT 2. After treatment


Silicea was selected on basis of totality of symptoms, in 1M potency because of higher susceptibility and highly intellectual patient, therefore high potency was selected and in follow ups it has shown marvelous results. Dose was repeated because the condition of the patient became statuesque. Within a year, patient was in state of health free from symptoms of hypothyroidism and her allopathic medicine also stopped .After studying this case, one can say that homoeopathic simillimum can cure even hypothyroidism restore the health of the patient and help to discontinue the conventional treatment giving so called relief to the patients.


The homoeopathic treatment provided to the patient of hypothyroidism is more efficient than the other conventional treatment as it is evident from the reports that the state of health is restored and there is annihilation of the disease in its whole extent.


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